New-ish, Sorta Returning Player Saying Hello!


Hello, friends! I’m Fay and it’s a pleasure to meet you :smiley:

I used to play a bit around this time a year ago, off and on, but never really delved too far into the game. A buddy got me back into this last night, so I figured it was appropriate to properly introduce myself to this wonderful community I’ve been lurking in once in a blue moon. My roommate happened to be watching someone stream Duelyst one night when I got home from work, and I gotta say it has been a blast to play, even though I don’t normally gravitate towards these kinds of games.

My tag in game is FayS0ff!


Hiya, Fay!

What was this game like a year ago? I’d imagine almost totally, right?


It doesn’t feel too different from a year ago, but I also haven’t had an opportunity to look at the new cards and get a feel for the meta this month. I imagine what was strong a year ago probably isn’t now, haha. No fancy general skins either!


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