New-ish F2P Players and buying orbs. Best Practices


Hi all,

NovaRails here. I’m looking for some advice (again) as an F2P player using gold to by orbs. With the new expansion out I am wondering what people think is the best place to invest gold. As a bit of a background as to where I am coming from (but also important for people just joining on Steam), I have been playing for around 6 months. I have been strictly an F2P player for the entire time. Generally I am only able to play enough to buy about 0.75 orbs per day (so about 5 orbs a week). I have made it to Diamond Rank and I believe I can play 2 to 3 relatively well rounded decks (in Vanar and Lyonar).

My personal card collection, without going in to too much detail, consists of (when I give a number I mean cards, not sets of 3):

  • All the neutral commons
  • All rares for Vanar and Lyonar
  • A growing set of neutral epics (most of which are 2 or 1 ofs)
  • About 4 to 5 epics for each faction (except Vanar where I have 8)
  • 15 Neutral Legendaries (mostly in the 6 to 7 mana range)
  • Each faction I have 1 to 2 Legendaries (with the exception of Vanar where I have 6)

Generally I lack the more popular Epic-Legendary cards in the core set, like Spelljammer and Zen’rui, and faction cards like Arclyte Regalia and Spectral Revenant.

But enough about me. The topic is more a general sort of “As a new player where should I invest in my gold? Core set orbs, Shim’zar orbs, or should I be playing Gauntlet to build my collection?”

Let me know what people think in general!


When I started playing a few days ago, I made a spreadsheet to figure out which is more expensive, Duelyst or Hearthstone. My brother wasn’t convinced Duelyst was cheaper because legendaries are far more prolific because they’re not limited to one-ofs and the decks are larger.

The spreadsheet isn’t exactly important, but what I found in making it is: there were a whole load of threads on various websites complaining about how Shim’Zar had its average dust per orb lowered, or average rare-or-better being made more rare. There’s a study on Reddit that shows, over a great sample size, this relationship being true.

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There is also another important virtual-CCG concept: Any card you open from a pack that you don’t already have, is worth its crafting value in dust. This is because in order to attain the card otherwise, you’d have to spend that much dust. However, if you have 3 of any card, and pull another, it’s only worth its disenchant value. The Core set has more cards, so this is less of a problem. (unless you’ve only, only been opening Core set cards for the entirety of the duration of your playership)

Obviously since I’ve already admitted to having been playing for probably not even two weeks, I can’t exactly tell you which set has more worthwhile cards from my narrow experience. I hope the numbers are useful though. :?)


Ok so advice, the game has a crafting system so Ied suggest dusting, (breaking cards down into spirit), cards that you do not use you say you have 15 neutral legendaries, take a look at them and decide which ones you will probably never touch and dust em. Afterwards just take the spirit you got from those cards and craft the ones you want/need. Best advice I can give ya in terms of getting cards outside of buying orbs.


I too suggest the same. I’ve disenchanted maybe 3 different legendaries for playsets of core cards which I do not regret 1 bit.


Personally I don’t disenchant anything because you never know if CP is going to change a card. However, I recommend using the gauntlet to get orbs. A decent run nets you an orb plus gold and spirit. Plus, it’s a good way to do your daily challenges if you are trying to move up the ladder. Just my 2 cents.


Unfortunately there isn’t a disenchant guide since the expansion is so new, I used that religiously when I started out. My advice is to start playing gauntlet ASAP. The 2 win bonus will give you most of your gold back and it mostly rewards core packs which are better for new players.