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New Gold Division Pack


Hi everyone, I was minding my own business when I saw a new bundle popped up in the store.
Quite a juicy one this Gold Division pack.

3 Random class legendary, c’mon it can’t be that garbage compared to neutral ones.

There you go:

Is that normal or have I been extremely unlucky with the pull? Because, apart from the fact that I already owned 3, I knew what I had signed for, (lottery), the bundle not clearly stating it’s the same instance of a single card might dissuade folks.
I was just asking you if anybody bought it as well, and if I was just incredibly unlucky,
And if all of this is normal, maybe to dissuade people from buying it, because in its state, the wording is extremely treacherous.

Division Starter bundles

Yes! I just came to the forums to say this very same thing. I got 3 exactly the same cards as well in my purchases, quite a disappointment, not worded well, totally agree.

(although I disagree with the word treacherous, that’s too accusing and negative a word!)


Puh - good to know and good that I waited with the purchase because I wanted to wait until the next season monthlies are out.
Sympathy with you!
Is it the same with the other bundles? Can anyone tell? I see the next shitstorm incoming… :expressionless:


To me the text clearly reads as giving a “Legendary”, not “Legendaries”.

If they had meant 3 different legendaries, the text would have been:

“5 Orbs + 3 Random Legendaries” and not
"5 Orbs + 3xRandom Legendary"


Jep. You seem right.

Edit: As for the Faction Legendary: How random is random? Can you chose the faction or is it completely random?


Had the text been something along the lines of:

“3xOrb + 3xRandom Legendary”

I can see how some misunderstanding might arise. But the text clearly mentioned a “Legendary” (singular), as opposed to “Orbs” (plural).


We got it. :wink:


Ah, thanks for the heads up. I’m still getting it though, the game’s amazing enough that I feel compelled to throw at least some currency at it =p


It still is a good deal no matter how you look at it.


Yep. And if you dust the Legendaries you have one free of choice.


Tbh it also makes sense for new players. 3 one ofs might not do much at all, but with a playset one can do at least something.


Waiting here for the next incoming unhappy player who gets 3xFlaming Stampede :rolling_eyes:


Technically the text is correct, but it’s easily misinterpreted and in most cases not what people would want. This greatly increases the chances of getting something you can’t use.

These bundles are a good deal and I complimented CPG for them last night, it’s a shame they have tarnished them for us veterans somewhat with this design choice. That said, they ARE intended for new players, who are much less likely to have many legendaries of any sort.


Another good deal from CPG, another topic to complain, is it guys? People are sure hard to please.


Huh. Well that’s good to know xD. The devil’s in the details once again! Flagged this for CP to maybe amend the phrasing to read ‘3 copies of a random Legendary’ or something similar.

It’s an easy thing to miss, even more so if you’re not fluent in English.


I misunderstood it also when I read it first. But the text seems to say what it has to. It’s more a problem of what you want to read and what the text really is.
I thought of reading a card text. If this text was “Opening Gambit: Draw 3x Random Neutral Legendary” and you would get 3 different cards… everybody would complain about it.

So I think everything is OK. We all have to free our mind from broken shit! :joy:


I think it should be clearly stated, English not being my mother language I must have misred it, that said, it’s still a good deal but I feel a bit disappointed by the wording.


Btw. is it normal that i only have access to the bronze pack? (I.e. do you have to buy bronze and silver before gold?)




You unmasked me. I am a bronze scrub.