New Generals? New Factions?


Hi guys, I was wondering if we could hope to see new generals or factions been released next year…
What do you guys think about this?

I personally think that having multiple diferent BBS could turn currently unused card into used cards by having more synergy with it than the previous generals…

Do you guys know what are the dev’s thoughts on that?


New Generals are always good, but I honestly think they’re still working on balancing this set of generals. I wish Magmar had a decent 2nd general for example or that Kara wasn’t so oppressive. There might be a third general in the future though.

A new faction seems unlikely in the near future, they’d need just as much cards as the current set to be viable for example.


I dont think they will make a new faction. not only because of the cards themselfs, but also because of the lore: they will have to give story to a whole new “empire”, with their units, traditions, history and relate it to the others.

New generals could happen, and it would be really interesting, but i dont think thats going to in the near future whatsoever.


It would be absolutely fine for me when the next expansion would be one or two new Generals per faction and a very few other cards alongside with a big balancing-patch of existing cards to make things like - just as an example - Magmar Egg- or Grow-Decks work. (Or in common: Pushing In-Faction-Synergy for all factions. Like they did well with Vet for example.)



Well, a new empire could come up. A new faction could be basically an old faction falling into two halves due to internal struggle. it is not impossible. It does however require a story in which the factions and generals are changing over time, like they did with Doomtown. In the Doomtown game, every expansion, big or small, furhtered the story. This meant that certain unique characters would get a new version over time in line with the story. Or that cards referenced key events, like the massacre that occurred during election day of the new mayor.

A new general seems like a matter of when, not if. When they get the current generals in line, then there might be some consideration for a new general.

Also, I like Starhorn. He is fun with Sphynx and cooky decks that have elaborate combos in which the extra card really matters more to you than to your opponent.


They said during a roundtable some months ago that a new faction will be introduced in the lore in the future. They already worked on it.


Really? Well, the knowing the lore the only new factions I can imagine are the Aestari empire (which is unlikely, as most of their units mentioned in the lore are neutrals in game) or something related to Eyos and the Demise.


My bet? otherwordly invaders.


I’ve tried before to make a faction based around 100% metal and wire robots that thrived in the sea, but I quit because it took too long to make because I had to consider lore and all. Honestly I’m fine with no new factions, since I would much rather have the devs expand on the current ones then make a new one.

But hey, I’m still open for new generals. I want more emphasis on heal lyonar with some more unique and useful BBS’s, like a 1 mana deal 1 damage to an enemy and heal 1 to an ally.


Oh i didnt know that. Nice info :smiley:

Maaaaybe it has something to do with the second tree? :0


if we got another faction its probably going to be faction that would mostly use neutral creatures. i would love to see either dual faction cards or dual factions together. meaning you have two factions in one deck. now the dual faction cards could be for example a minion that would be able to be in either one faction or another, so lets say magmar and lyonar had a dual minion. the minion lets say costed 3 mana. is a 2/4, has grow +1/+1, zeal: provoke. it would work great both in lyonar and magmar.


Please, don’t…
Oh Lord, that would be gross. ):


Dev’s words:


Oh yeah, I remember that one :smiley: I can’t find the draft anymore, do you still have it?


I still have it on the now dead forums. Here’s the link. (This one was the second one I worked on since the theme simply became boring to me because Magmar already covered it)