New Game Modes, Discussion about Current Game Modes, and Ideas


Lets talk about game modes. Gauntlet is fun since you may get to use new cards and make weird decks. You also get a reward depending on how many wins you got before losing. Rank is competitive of course. You aim to get S Rank like some players. Gold, or Diamond but you might stop at some point to make different kind of decks. You may search for deck on DuelystDB or ManaSpring. During rank and gauntlet you may experience some bugs though. Those are usually fixed in the next update.
New game modes could be fun for the community of Duelyst. Maybe making a tournament game mode where there are 8 or 16 participants. If You win you get at least 500 gold. There will be a entry of at least 100 gold or more. 2nd gets 300 and 3rd and 4th gets 125 gold. The ones who came in 5 - 8 get 50 gold or 75. If you finish your match early you could spectate the other matches. Or you can use orbs to enter the matches. Maybe in rank you can also be allowed to bid who’s gonna win.Whoever win gets all the gold.


i want to see a game mode that forces a player to construct a deck using only a certain tribe while giving them complete access to said tribe (like vespyr or arcanyst) then you face off against similarly limited opponents. The tribe you use is random so arcaynhai won’t be the only thing played

Gauntlet forces you to use cards you would have otherwise never tried. This mode forces you to create tribal synergy.

I call it “tribal wars”


I agree. They should also give you a choice between 2 factions and Give you certain cards to choose. When Building it you see what cards they give you to make the deck and faction. But the thing is if you lower the limit you might have to lower the amount of health the general has depending on the limit of cards you can have in the deck. Maybe even increase the amount of attack the general has to make it more interesting.


Or perhaps not even have a general. But a totem that the tribes are trying to protect/destroy


This isn’t entirely a custom game mdoe, but I would like to see a community section of puzzles and endgames.

I was drawn into the Duelyst at first because of their puzzles. The preset puzzles that you can play in solo challenges were amazing . It’s a pity that CPG changed most of the well-made puzzles into easier versions, as the old puzzles didn’t work after related cards got changed/nerfed. The daily puzzles are sometimes decent, but more often than not they are underwhelming.

I am sure there are people who likes to make custom puzzles and endgames. Maybe a new section of community puzzles could be added so that we can have alternative playground for us.


Also, a new gameboard would be cool.
Maybe holes and gaps in the board? Dynamic board, like moving tiles? Interactions that affect the board, like cutting a tile off? It might be too complicated, but alternative boards would definitely spice up new strategies and have different METAs than the original 5x9 board.


Yeah, a single player campaign or at least more puzzles and maps would be amazing.

On another note how about a duel mode
1 v 1 general combat. No minions. No BBS. Only spells and artifacts. maybe limit the spells to the ones that don’t summon minions. And make the board smaller.


I wish there was a separate pauper format - just like ranked, but you can only use decks consisting of basic, common and maybe rare cards. That probably wouldn’t be balanced, but sure would be fun :smiley:


Wouldn’t Vetruvian win almost every time?
Normal artifacts + Rashas Curse


I did not think this through. Though you could say that about songhai with artifact defiler Or lyonars arclyte+dawn for infinite durability or Abbysian shadow Nova azaleas for instant ko or bounded lifeforce or gravity wells