New fresh control lyonar deck


Hi, my name is Bigfootmydog and I’m a diamond player hanging around rank 3-2 and this is my 1st decklist and it still needs some tweaking but I think I’m on to something here
The idea is to play lyonars early strong minions like windblade and azurite lion, with the ideal 4 mana play being sun sister. sun sisters ability is in my opinion extremely underrated (in my last match I produced 36 damage from it against fast cassyva and survived 2 spectral revenants) the idea here is that with your infinite removal you can control board state by keeping your minions healthy and using true strike to burst down enemy minions. This is just a rough draft but I’m looking for suggestions. So far ive found this to be the most effective way to use the 2nd lyonar general. Before I let you folks go to town on this deck let me just say that beam shock is the real champion with this deck.


Have you tried swapping out a slo or sunbloom for Decimate?


I actually have something similar. I was trying it out a while ago it still needs a TON of tweaking/to be given up, maybe you could find some new ideas to try out? Here is the list-

-1 Sun Sister Sterope, +1 Lasting Judgement

Lots of healing so that you can stall till lategame.

Win conditions are- Solarius/pumping out 3 or 4 cheap cards per turn (for example: Beamshock, Sundrop, Lasting Judgement, WIndblade Adept)

Grove Lion + Artifact(s) - Arclyte, Arclyte, Dawns= 10 Attack, Forcefield, Negate 4 Dmg 1 time, Repair all artifacts. Usually just Dawns Eye + Lion is enough to win the game unless songhai/lilith with strong swarm

Pandora- Works well with Roar

I don’t like Zirian BBS. I just don’t like it I am sorry. I value Roar over it even if the deck has heal synergy. I have less focus on Sterope than your deck I think. She ended up being mostly just removal/dispel bait so that other lategame threats can remain in play. She has a decent body if dispelled which is the goal. I played her within Eph Shroud range on purpose against classes without ranged dispel so that Grove Lion is safer.

I found that most of the time you try to set her up and she costs so much mana that it is hard to get any more than like 1 true strike out. Probably because I was playing Argeon though.

Anyway someone suggested Decimate which I think is great for Control. Slo also has a tendancy to deplete your handsize, and against slower decks this can lead to you lacking hand size if you don’t draw into Solarius.

Definitely recommend trying out Azure Herald and Emerald Rejuvenator. Both are good for keeping yourself alive against the popular aggro decks and both leave behind a decent body. Emerald Rejuv also gives you 2 heal effects, so 2 True Strikes would be spawned.

Huge fan of Beamshock too. Love beamshocking Vanar turn 1 so they cant get infiltrate till halfway though the game. Love beamshocking Vaath when he has 12 ATK. Love beamshocking win conditions before they win conditionally. I could go on for days.


I’ve spend most of this season in the top 10 with “control” Lyonar

here’s what you do.

step1) remove 2 early game cards (4 mana or less)
step2) add Pandora.



How many copies of Pandora? I have 1x but I am thinking of crafting more because I really like the card.


Decimate just feels to situational to me and if I was gonna add anything I’ve been considering either Pandora, archon spellbinder, or sphynx. I know sphynx is a strange card but much like Sun sister I’ve found it highly underrated in control decks, forcing your opponent to either not play bombs or not replace can be devastating.


It seems like your deck is trying to many things at once, if your gonna run Sun sister it kinda feels like you have to run zir’an . I understand your disdain for her bbs but in the long term it can help you produce more damage than argeon what I mean by this is you can do things like hit the enemy with Sun sister then heal her with your bbs and produce a true strike all while keeping Sun sister healthy. Sun sister is definitely the bread and butter for my list. For you I would suggest this because it would let you drop things like emerald rejuvinator and Sundrop elixir.


Don’t get me wrong Pandora is definitely on the list of potential add ins but I’m also considering archon spellbinder and sphynx, not to mention sky phalanx which just produces body’s fast and they also come out with provoke and it’s 24 stats 3 bodies all provoke I personally love it.


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