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New Forum User Here!


A honest mistake! :slight_smile:
Welcome to the forums, please post stuff in “Decks working exactly how they are supposed to”, especially if you have unconventional decks. I’d love to see what you play.



laughs in magmar

I’m sorry, I can’t help myself.


Welcome, it is always nice to meet a new forumgoer :grinning:


Heya, GLHF! Always good to see new nice face here :wink:


Wanderer fault…Infest still super effective :crazy_face:
Welcome to the forums AND EMBRACE THE ABYSS!!!


Welcome! The Cult of the Lurking Fear is always looking out for new followers, should you wish to see how the dark side looks like… :sirpenti:

we now accept Corpse Combustion memes as well


Welcome to the community! We’re happy to have you here. Please don’t forget to @ us on Twitter when you’re about to stream and we’ll RT you from the official Duelyst Twitter when we can.

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