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New Forum User Here!


Hello all! I’ve been playing Duelyst for a little bit, about 8 seasons of almost pure Vetruvian and almost hit S rank one time. Recently, while looking at what people thought of cards, I’ve been drawn into the community aspect of the game, here on the forums. I’ve read a lot of the pages here over the past few weeks, such as the card design contests and the “we need a fixed post for duelyst memes thread” and wanted to join in, as the community seemed fun, inviting and friendly. I’d love to get to know the community better and become an active contributor.

I play duelyst on steam (hence my name being Evveses2, i’m a bit scared of losing all my progress when i sync) so feel free to add me on there if you wish.

Apologies in advance if this post breaks the community guidelines in some way, shape or form.



You’re more then welcome to join in and be a part.

(Run away)


Welcome to the Duelyst Forums! We welcome all new wait you’ve been playing longer than I have players and encourage you to post and create threads.

please tell me you’re not a wanderer player :scream:

Also your post absolutely follows all forum rules, as opposed to




Worse, i am both a wanderer AND a fault player, sometimes both in one deck.


Good stuff right here. :+1:


Also when people say Wanderer player 70% of the time they actually mean to say “Ragnora Wanderer” player.


Welcome, I’ll shall prepare the holy water to remove your sins at a later date.


Hello, welcome to this holy sacred place. Do you praise the sun, do you pray to your Lord and Saviour Grandmaster Zendo everyday? Do you daily seek guidance from the Holy Trinity?


No matter, my child. You will soon learn the evil of your ways and be purified in holy fire. Now come along with me and @gsvalhalla, we will guide you to your new life.

Be like the phoenix and rise from the ashes.


I was just reading that post earlier… I mean, what post?


I follow the path of Makantor Jesus


Did you think that would provoke?


This world will soon perish amidst a gulf of fire, it matters little whether it comes today or a year from now. I wonder if your precious prophet can protect you then.


Come, come so that your one true lord will embrace you, will be your shield to protect against the touch of the corrupted, your sword to slay the words of the wicked, your mentor to enlighten you to the truth of the world. All it takes…is a spark.


Do you feel it?

I’m coming for you.
Wanderers need to die young before they grow teeth wings, +1/+1 and poison to spread into our souls.


Welcome to our circus of inner demons…


Brace yourself, +1/+1 is coming…


Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your stay!


i had too much of it already, and my emblas and lockes took good care of it XD

i’m in a middle of a vacation from ladder.
But You can always massege me for friendly and you’ll see all kind of vanarish miracles you’ll see no where else i promise (got a new one in my head as we speak).

Enjoy you’re stay, most of us are fun, some of us are also interactive.


laughs in mantra


Welcome to the forums! Join us over in the meme threads, all of them are quality reading too! I hope you continue to enjoy duelyst and I look forward to getting to know you and all new forum goers!


A new player? Fantastic! We surely need more of those. Welcome to Duelyst! Hope you have fun.


Not player, just forum goer, but thanks regardless.