New faction ideas


Just look on the Twitter page:



K cool. I did think it was real when he said “This isn’t for no reason” but some skeptics told me otherwise so I just wanted to make sure.


Never trust anjo. You’re new here, so you should learn this forum rule ASAP. It’s the guy who pretended to be a CM when we had no CM.

Btw, nice photoshop skills, @anjosustrakr.


Wow haha. Well thanks for informing me.


Trust no one. When I lie to people, it is for the sole reason of teaching them this valuable lesson about life. :wink:

I wish I had Photoshop…


Dude, you forgot…eerrr, I mean…“they” forgot to mention the unicorns…:rofl:


I’m doing something else with these factions but it by myself not with duelyst.


Are you making a Duelyst rip-off with these factions instead of the current ones in Duelyst? :thinking:


kind of actually… but dont worry ill tell yall later


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