New faction ideas


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This is the idea I had for the satyr faction. Not exactly sure about the balancing and everything but I think the general idea is good. This encourages tree growth alot.




Really don’t want this thread to die because its actually pretty good so far and theres a lot of great stuff that can be added if we work a bit more on it, even though everyone does have lots of time constraints. I actually created a lot of cards for the drunken factions, but as always, I’m not confident in the cards I have, and I don’t want a random faction idea to just be what I have in mind, but what others do too.

Hope this thread doesn’t die, and we get a lot more contributors

also hope docs wasn’t so dumb and could easily format


An idea I had for one of the drunken warrior generals since there are only one. He intoxicates his own minion to gain celerity for a turn. The name is based of a League of Legends character who’s known for always carrying barrels of beer.


Hey I was thinking about general ideas for the Braylon Empire but I need some clarification on how the coffins work. Does it affect friendly and enemy minions? When does it turn the minions into mummies? Can you specify exactly how they work for me? Thanks.


Great idea! I definitely think there needs to be a Drunk based general and think yours is fine, but a bit overtuned. My only problem with it is Celerity is a bit powerful, especially on a BBS because it allows you to get advantageous positioning, and can be used very powerfully to kite your opponent.

Drunk imo is a neutral keyword, meaning it isn’t necessarily beneficial to have, but it doesn’t hurt the minion that has it (and hopefully a drunk faction can turn those negatives into positives) so it might need a small balance change.

Thoughts on changing it to some other way to benefit Drunk? An example being something like if a friendly minion with Drunk cannot move or attack this turn, remove that and reactivate it. Or something like increase the stats of a Drunk minion by +X/+X if it cannot move/attack.

Love the reference :+1: and definitely like other people throwing their spins on the cards.


This is a revised version of the general. +3/+3 might seem op but since it buffs it at the end of your turn, you can’t instantly attack with it and only buffs it if it doesn’t do anything which denies the minion value that turn. And of course it can only apply to drunk minions. If this doesn’t work please tell me and hoepfully we can find a good general to combo with the drunk cards.


This is very good imo, its fair, and has high synergy with Drunk minions which is something a lot of decks are starting to miss: synergy. The only slight changewhyamisopickyis some sort of use outside of Drunk decks, like maybe giving +1/+1 if the minion does not have drunk.

You, sir or ma’am, have a great eye for card creation :grin:


I agree to everything you just said. Also, don’t be Afraid to add anything to the doc. All contributions help. so ye. I also have been working behind the scenes in new cards too, so I can add them to the forum to keep the thread alive


hey @gamerbothd! so coffins work on everything that goes on the coffin, enemy minion and friendly one. even if you own a coffin and a minion of an enemy faction goes on the coffin, the mummy it creates is still theirs. And the minion that moves onto a coffin space moves onto it immediately. Thanks for your ideas and hit me up if you need anymore clarifications


so… I love it. But i think it should be only an attack buff and take away the end of turn aspect. think of the drunk warriors play style. You don’t care about your minion’s wellfare. also if this is the case, it can synergies(maybe wrong spelling idk) very well with an card idea somebody had where any creature that can’t move has ranged. Plus rok the battle pet, can become a 4/4 with ranged. idk, just some thoughts


I just realized how nicely created a card this is. well done mate. :smile:


How are your guys thought on my new wildfire. (I changed it to firestorm.) It makes like the obliterate of the satyr faction


Hey guys thanks all the feedback. I’m glad you like the idea.

This is another version I was thinking about where it’s just attack and it immobilizes the minion. And thanks for pointing out that it should still be able to be used on non-drunks but still have drunk synergy. I’m still keeping the other version in mind but this maybe something to think about. Btw I have been posting suggestions on the docs including a trial destiny minion for both the satyrs and the drunks. I still need to do some thinking about the mummy guys.


I like it. It does work well in the way obliterate does but should it damage everything? Obliterate only damages all enimies. This way with firestorm it’s that usable because you run the risk of killing yourself if you have a lot of trees. Plus trees are a lot harder to get than shadow creep and are easier to remove so if you made it damage all enimies it wouldn’t be op. It would be basically as balanced as obliterate. But great card design and idea.


aye mate thanks. I guess I wanted it to play like a complete board wipe. So maybe it could be all minions so it doesn’t do direct damage to either generals. I could also lower the cost is I did that.


Hey more clarification needed. Sorry haha. So for the mummies since they can only move one space should we have an effect name for that? For example dervishes have the “ephermal” effect which is what makes it die at the end of the turn. And also do ALL mummies have this effect or only the mummies from the coffins? Also for drunk when the random chance happens does the drunk minion attack/move by itself like a battle pet or do you get to control the drunk after the random chance happens? Thanks for the feedback. I’ll be working on more cards for now.





Wait is this actually confirmed? Is the next expansion is gonna actually have six new factions?