New faction ideas


So guys, hello.
Me and a friend of mine have been working on some new factions. We don’t have names for them but we want six and we have three.
One is based on satyrs and trees. They are all about living freely and live in the forest/ create trees. satyrs are a tribe that tend to all have celerity. (Mostly 1/1s with celerity). They also create trees. (0/4 that can’t move and can only be destroyed when it takes more damage then its health)
One is based on drunk people. They are warriors who like good fun and enjoy brawls. They are probably dwarfs mostly but whatever. The whole Idea is that people with the keyword drunk have and equal chance at the beginning of the turn to move twice, attack twice, not attack, or not move.
And one is based on mummies. They are like more primal versions of vetruvian. They use tiles called coffins to turn creatures on it into mummies (2/2 that only move one space.)

Anyway I have a document that you all can comment on. If you have any ideas for cards or factions related to these ideas, please use to make it or maybe discuss it on the chat and ill make it.
Then put it on the doc.

Heres the doc:

Thanks you guys. This isn’t for no reason. I have a suprise for you guys when this is over.

Kophyn, and his friend Python


Great ideas! Kudos to you and your friend. For now, it would be great if we knew how the Suigoterra keywords worked. I imagine Regrowth would be something similar to the effect of Suntide Maiden, but I have no clue what Revel would be.


WHOOPS, Thanks mate. Regrowth is whenever it takes damage, summon a tree near by. and Revel is has rush and beginning of your next turn it dies. thanks for the clarification.


Nice. Here’s a quick card idea:


YOU"RE SUCH A TOPIARY TERROR, I LOVE IT. I actually do really like it, do you mind adding it to the doc? (I can’t access it via fourms) Thanks!


Sure thing. :wink:



What does drunk do? I’m assuming its a negative effect but not really sure. I’ll happily do work on the drunken warriors section, as the other factions are coming along nicely and that one needs a lot more work.

By any chance could you also re-organize the whole doc to make it easier to read/sort cards? Not sure if anyone else has problems trying to quickly read what each card does and seeing only 2-3 cards per page.

edit: Just realized that you put what drunk does in the post above AND in the doc :facepalm: sorry for wasting your time :stuck_out_tongue: .


Hi! thanks so much for the offer! Drunk means that there is an equal chance at the start of a turn that this card either doesn’t move, doesn’t attack, attacks twice, or moves twice. i thought it would be a fun thing to play but who knows. And Ill try my best to reorganize the doc but docs in general kinda sucks so ill try my best


3 ideas that I quickly came up with:

Do they fit your theme of drunken warriors?


they all are genius! maybe to make encouraged marshal worth the epic status, make the opening gambit a constant? please add them to the doc though thanks!


hey @halcyon98! I just went through your card again and I realized how much value you can get from the card! what we raised the cost of it by one or two? because the card at the moment is a 4/6 with rush so five for that is already kinda worth it, plus the effect? I don’t know its kinda overpowered


The next Duelyst expansion with six new factions, perhaps? :sirpenti:


Dammit, you got me. Yeah Six new factions, for sure. no its different, and kinda better. (I think)


So what exactly are the 3 sub-themes of the drunken faction? I’ve kind-of taken one of them towards a stun/debuffing your own units to do something special, but not sure if you support that/it is something that can be really built on.

I definitely could see a theme based of them celebrating their victories through bards/war songs and cries.

Thoughts on that theme?


So the debuffing actually does seem very nice as an idea. I’m not sure what exactly the other sub-themes should be, But i want to expand on one key word, like i did with satyrs and celerity. Victory celebration also as a good sub-theme. I also like the idea of banners. kinda like artifacts for minions, that effect all nearby minoins to that one.
Banner of courage. Holder gets -1/-0 and nearby minions get +1/+1 or something.
Also I’d like everyones advise, but you seems interested so I’ll put this message on your response; Why make a 1/1 have celerity if its just gonna die after it attacks once? what should we do to balance this out?


I nerfed it to 6 mana. I also nerfed it to only give +2/+2; I forgot the Trees’ effect for a moment.

Maybe there could be cards that buff their health? It could be a consistent theme for cards that support the Satyrs to make them more durable. Something like:


I like the idea of that for sure, but also, I think we should make them 1/2 with celerity also


Then maybe they can be 1/3? A 1/2 will still die from one General hit.


aye! I’ll change it! I was kinda thinking of brome when I made the 1/2 I dead but celerity isn’t provoke so I think 1/3 is better, thanaks


Also since each faction now has one trial destiny, these should also have one. I’ll start to work on these but others should consider what the trial destiny guys will do.