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New Duelyst Lore


Writer D S WADESON was allowed to release some not seen before lore it is good stuff about Ziran,Kara,Vaath,etc.Here is the reddit post with link to the stories


Honestly, Duelyst’s lore is phenomenal.


The Vanar lore is pretty good I kinda like the Vanar now.


Thank you for exposing this


We finally have the true name of Faie’s Warbird:

Hawkenwolf (if I am correct)


No it’s Skrymir, Hawkenwolf is her weapon


oops, I can’t read sometimes… super sleepy


I’m so proud of you, Zir’an. :disappointed_relieved:


Awesome lore, I also really like how well duelyst’s lore describes it’s cards.


That Makantor story though :smiley:


Duelyst lore based campaign mode now HAS TO HAPPEN

Solo vaath vs a horde of wild makantors

Kara and faies journey to aeperion

Faies savage beatdown of all vespyrs(that druagr backstab tho, who knew faie had obscuring blow)

Ziran and zirs harrowing journey from sajjs birth to argeons smooth scheming

Not to mention that sunriser last stand

interesting duality between them. kara protects the humans and has no mercy for beasts while faie is the opposite


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