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New drop rates?


After 25+ shimzar orbs without even one legendary i though it’s going to be end of my duelyst adventure, I was getting like 60-100 spirit per orb and i couldnt afford to craft expansion legendary cards :confused: But today i opened 1 single orb and this happened:

I know it’s nothing really special, but to be honest it’s my first prismatic legendary since prismatic cards got into game so i wanted to share with you :), also after month+ opening shitty commons/rares its like BOOM.

PS. right after this orb i did my quests and had enough gold to buy another orb and… another legendary xD No fu**ing way that i opened 3 (1 prismatic) legendaries in one day comparing to over a month of nothing valuable. Maybe with new patch they changed drop rates? What do you think?


I think how a sample size of 2 isn’t enough to say for certain how drop rates were changed. Again.


I know, its not a evidence of course, I just compare that this 2 shimzar orbs after patch was more valueable than around 30 of these before patch. I am waiting for other ppl to share their feelings of drop rate after patch :slight_smile:


Even though raqyee is totally right that your sample size hardly is a proof, drop rates were still lowered a bit, confirmed by @tundranocaps who did the math (afaik, sry if i am messing sth up) and somebody from the dev team in the chat of a stream.


I’m fairly certain the most recent patch changed nothing about drop rates. And even if it did, unless you manage to acquire a big sample size to confirm it you can’t say for sure anyway. And I doubt you will manage to get it anytime soon considering the people don’t have the incentive to open lots of orbs atm.


Oh we are talking about the midmonthpatch. Nvm then. But i doubt that they changed the drop rates again.


At the last round table the Devs said that a) there will be no compensation for tricking their preorder-customers and b) drop rates will always be a blackbox and they change it whenever they want.
So I don’t expect statistics about drop rates have a long “time to live”.

Having luck when opening an orb doesn’t say anything about drop rates. So just be happy about it and don’t expect to have that luck all the time. :wink:


Locking thread. Orb opening posts are not allowed on the forums.

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