New comer ask for cheap deck suggestions


Hello everyone,

As you can read from the title i need some good decks for new comer like me.
I’ve read some old “cheap deck” but i see there was some patch so i don’t know if those deck are still good or not.
So i’m asking for some help from some veterans, if someone have some good links for me i’ll appreciate.

I’m at rank 12 right now, i’ve ranked with vanar/magmar usually, and i want to do rank 10 before the season end.

I would like to know too what common/rare card should i craft first, like a tier list (i already read something about it, but i want a confirm after the patch).

Thanks for the help


Check out the MegaMogwai’s recent new player guide on YouTube , where he talks about what to craft, disenchant etc, but if you playing Magmar I suggest crafting Makantor, it’s the best card this faction has to offer and for vanar just go “faice” wall and control vanar can be pretty expensive.


Thanks for the fast reply =D
I didn’t find the “craft tier” video of MegaMogwai’s, but i’ve found that one with the “budget decks”.

For now i’ve destroyed some card to get some commons and i’ve done this one:

If you have some suggest to fix my deck let me know, i’ve also some random epic/legend neutral like : Eclipse, Dioltas. Should i put them in the deck? if is yess, what i should replace?

Thanks alot


As of right now your deck is looking pretty solid. If you are planning on sticking with Magmar, then your next crafting priorities are Makantor Warbeast(3x in every Magmar Deck) Egg Morph(2 or 3x in every) Thumping Wave(2 or3 in most decks)

Tiger + Thumping wave is 8 DMG burst, Makantor + Thumping Wave is 9 DMG FRENZY burst. The card also doubles as removal in a pinch, as the 3/3 battle pet will suicide into Vaath/your minions

Here is what I came up with as your next short term crafting goals.

Once you can afford the Spirit for more Makantor Warbeasts, craft them ASAP. That card is extremely strong. Blistering Skorn is a pretty good card as well, and it is a common so I would recommend that as well. If you really like Silhouette Tracer, leave 1 copy in but a lot of times he is a dead card.

Please let me know if you have any other questions, I would be happy to help.



@BlankTrack thanks for the suggest mate i really appreciate you really give me what i was asking!

@deathsadvocate i’m cheking your link, really usefull thank you.

Just another question for everyone who can help me, i should buy everytime orb of core expansion (100g) or should i do always gauntlet and get shiz expansion?
Usually is always better the gauntlet i know, but i don’t get really nice score in it and i think the core expansion is way more important for new comer, or am i wrong?


Hi, a few suggestions in mixed order.

  1. I recommend putting 3x copies of most cards, since this makes your deck more consistent. If you want to stick with Magmar, craft 3x Makantor and 3x Thumping Wave as soon as possible. Both cards are excellent and will improve your win rate.

  2. If you cannot consistently win at least 3 games, ignore gauntlet for now. I suggest spending gold on orbs of the core set, since they provide more values and you still lack a large collection.

  3. Silhouette Tracer is a weird card and Veteran Silithar is just bad after the nerf. I like Sunsteel Defender, Dyoltas or Primus Shieldmaster for that slot.


Core expansion is more important. I believe that there is also a higher average spirit value per orb


Thanks alot for the help guys i really appreciate!


Aggro faie is a classic starter deck that can reach competitive levels.
Here’s mine
You can substitute sojourner for spelljammer to cheapen the deck, boundless courage is also non-essential and I think most traditional aggro-faies don’t even use it, I love it though.

Seriously consider saving up for 2 spelljammers as your first legendaries though, they can and should go in just about every aggro deck and aggro decks in general are MUCH cheaper to make and also the play speed means faster grinding further encouraging the style for new players. Most run 2 spelljammers


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