New cards, useful or not?


I tried to start a new deck with Cassyva, the new Shadow Creep value and the Dying Wish Fear but it is enough strong. It miss some burst and 2 drops cards maybe.
So I came back to a former deck (fixed with new cards) because it work ! :grin:
What do you think of both ?

The new deck :

  • Cassyva Soulreaper x1
  • Abyssal Crawler x3
  • Daemonic Lure x3
  • Ephemeral Shroud x2
  • Jaxi x3
  • Lurking Fear x2
  • Ooz x3
  • Spectral Blade x2
  • Abyssal Juggernaut x2
  • Dioltas x3
  • Ghost Azalea x2
  • Shadow Sister Kelaino x2
  • Reaper Of The Nine Moons x3
  • Rite Of THe Undervault x3
  • Klaxon x2
  • Spectral Revenant x3
  • Obliterate x1

The former deck :

  • Cassyva Soulreaper x1
  • Daemonic Lure x3
  • Healing Mystic x3
  • Primus Fist x3
  • Spectral Blade x2
  • Shadow Reflection x2
  • Sojourner x3
  • Void Steal x3
  • Dioltas x3
  • Lightbender x3
  • Shadow Sister Kelaino x2
  • Dancing Blades x2
  • Reaper Of The Nine Moons x3
  • Sunset Paragon x2
  • Zen’Rui The Blightspawned x2
  • Spectral Revenant x3

(PS : Sorry for my english, it is not my native language)


i like it. maybe add in a few darkspine elementals to double up the creep damage


You need 3x Sphere of Darkness in a creep deck. This is non-negotiable. It’s so good it can see play in non-creep abyssian decks. At first I thought 3x Rite of the Undervault too much for this deck due to not enough cheap cards, but I guess you need it if you’re running Lurking Fear. How is Lurking Fear working out for you? I instantly thought it was bad so I haven’t even bothered trying it. Otherwise it looks pretty good.

I disagree on the darkspine elemental. 1/4 is a horrible statline, it’s very situational and the payoff is not nearly enough unless you get two or more of them out at the same time, which isn’t easy.


so long as you have at least 5 cards with dying wish in your deck or 2 in your hand, lurking fear is great. although you do vomit your hand playing reaper and dioltas at the same time feels great