New Card/General leak maybe... Nevermind


I was looking through the unit_gifs folder for an image to use as a profile picture, and came across these:

Have these been addressed before now? the rest of the folder contained only generals, plus these two, but at the same time I don’t think khaeols pet dog is gonna be the next songhai general. do you think they mean anything, or just found there way in there by accident?


Those are my generals :slight_smile:
And the generals of everyone who kickstarted the game.
(also… tournament winners, in the future, which I addressed in a post earlier)

Oh they are skins btw, not new generals, first is Argeon, second is Kaleos.


but there were only 2 in the folder… oh well, dreams ruined.


“Question” answered, locking. For future reference, the search bar is your best friend. :slight_smile: