New Boss Predictions


Does anyone have predictions about the next boss?

It seems like a Pharaoh of some sort. Maybe something with Vet?


pretty sure some people “hacked” the game and fought it already.
they moved their system clocks forward a week before the first boss was out. but i think the devs have fixed that loophole.


Oh. That’s kinda sad. We’re all supposed to fight it on the same day guys. It’s exciting to be hyped for the new boss. That said, anyone have any guesses on what it’ll be?


They didn’t get the orb or the crate don’t worry

It was’t exactly a “loophole” as much as it was an Easter egg


The details have already been posted on reddit a while ago, if you don’t mind spoilers and wanna know about the details…here you go:


Ohhhh. Thanks
Didn’t know this was possible


No, no, no! My theory, has been debunked, AGAIN. Not even one of them is called Ephor…


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