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New Boss Battle Feedback Thread (Umbra)

Just starting one, maybe @Ryvirath will change owner on it.

What did you think about that new copy/paste Panther ?

Not much to say, was fun on paper I guess but I suppose also I got lucky and killed it on first try :confused:

[details=(used my Undying Abyss)]

Summoning a minion and casting BBS on his “mirror” might be a good way to win, had to improvise as I discovered the fight on the way but helped me a bit.[/details]

Side-note (bug?) : I don’t understand why (maybe didn’t read it correctly) but when I summoned my Abyssal Juggernaut (11/11) he also got the same copy (11/11) despite the fact he didn’t have any creep of his own, they were all mine. I mean, as it’s supposed to be a “1 health Clone”, it should have been a 3/1.


I felt very meh towards this boss. Wouldn’t say I had fun but I wouldn’t say I found it annoying/frustrating. Didn’t know what the boss thing was on my first go with dying wish Vet, so that went up in flames. Switched to like a 30 spell songhai deck to beat it but took a couple of tries because of bad draws.

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Don’t use Hearth-Sister on this boss!!!

Hearth-Sister makes Umbra summon the Target, not the Sister!!!


That and my Abyss.Juggernaut … maybe it should be reported as bugs ?

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A combination of rush and smash magmar made this boss extremely easy, but I did like the concept behind it. Definitely a nice break away from last times boss

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First try success with my Sarlac deck. Tons of heals with Kelaino and Shadowdancer.
Boss copies my dying wish triggers :grin:

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If you’re Chrysalis into Skorn on 8 mana you kill all of their eggs!

tried it with pain/eggmar, artifact and ramp vanar and lost miserably

tried it with creep and big abyss still lost

tried it with swarm and it was way too easy

shadowdancer+bloodmoon priestess is an AI MURDERING COMBO

but i was hit by the biggest spell in its arsenal and lost my win. beware the dreaded snag

tried starting the battle again and its spell hasnt ended


I just used a Kaleos decks with like 6 minions, 3 of which were Geomancer. PF face and kite, win.

Extremely fair, I went heavy ping focus and won with Songhai Crimson Oculus, despite the clones not counting as being summoned.

In previous attempts, AI still didn’t execute lethal when they had it.

Very fun in theory, ok fun in actuality. Feels like a great introduction level boss.


I watched your replay…nice! (except for the snag, though it was registered as a win when I looked at it) You are still listed as being in a game @oranos, wonder if you can fix that by logging out…

I tried my good 'ol abyssian :wink: and finally didn’t win in my first attempt, so that’s something I suppose. Didn’t draw any of THOSE cards…

So instead, I just Faie-d it…Chromatic Cold straight to the face turn 1…that took care of all that nonsense. THAT seems fair, right?

I’m half expecting Umbra to show up on the forums and reddit with a “PLZ NERF VANAR” thread…

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I thought that C. Cold/dispel didn’t work on boss abilities though?

lol…well you’d be wrong this time, friend


It doesn’t normally. It was an unfortunate oversight :frowning:

Future bosses won’t be dispellable.


Figured it was a bug…enough to bring @kronikle from out of the woodwork😘


Golem sajj was good. creep cass stalls the ai as he runs ironclad and can’t dispel bloodmoon priestess so you can just sit back safe and sound until you destroy his structure. He swarmed me super hard. Threw a bloodmoon next to me, it stuck and it was just a waiting game. He tried with shadowdancer, but the removal was real.

I used totem Sajj and beat him quite easily cus all of those 1 health minions just beg to get turned into Bloodfire totems. He was definitely easier than the last boss although not as fun as some of the previous bosses. I think he’s a good boss for new players.

Did it with a janky Reva deck I cobbled together. Just had a lot of spells and minions like Four Winds Magi and got rid of Bastion at the beginning with an Onyx Bear Seal. Pretty sure if you turned one of your own minions into a Panddo and buffed it he wouldn’t be able to do anything to it since he has no spells apart from Inner Oasis.

It can be dispelled, which makes the fight very easy. I also encountered a bug with Abyssian Crawler similar to the one of @nwardezir