New Boss Battle Feedback Thread (Cade the Desolator)


growmar just killed this guy


I learned something: Fatigue damage (damage happening as a result of attempting to draw from an empty deck) counts as coming from the opposing general. Odd.


After a month without Duelydt, I bet the boss on my first actual try with slow midrange Dervet :stuck_out_tongue:. Not that it is an easymode boss (for my deck at least), mind you, it even pulled a very creative board clear on my 6/6 Nimbus and 6 Soulburn Obelysks using Frenzy, Lure, Night Fiend and a Darkspine. The AI is still no match for Nosh-Rak however :star2:


Nice boss, I think one of the best so far. The difficulty feels just right and the fight is interesting overall. Good job!


Maybe im just bad but…

how do you beat that guy with a budget deck. i barely have cards and that guy is impossible to beat for me.


Someone beat the boss with starter vanar deck.


I beat it with Thieftruvian. Had zen’rui, psyonic conduit, dominate will and mirage master, nothing more special. I used nimbus which caused the boss to freak out and attack the totems with everything it had, and that helped me to keep the board cleared.
Aymara healer saved the day for me, since it did 15 dmg to the general by attacking it twice :smiley:.
Also, I used mirage master and zen’rui on one bonereaper to get 2 provokes.


Here’s my decklist (see right), I just tried making a deck with the cards I had:


Yeah same. Nearly got done in by the teleports though.


Just an FYI that the first one isn’t a glitch, Ooze can spawn creep under any enemy, even if there’s already creep there.

The second one, however… not sure how that’s possible. Sounds weird and I’ve never seen anything like it.


You may want to try some deckbuilder site like or to publish your decks in forum, more convenient, better readability, less space :wink:


Ok, guys we need to figure out what weird shenanigans count as “general damage”.

Shadow Creep seems to be one, as the boss moved my general after getting hurt by a tile.


damage from spells counts as “general damage” (tectonic spikes)


Weird. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that happen in a normal game.


it happens plenty in mine


Liked the theme, minions, boss and design.
Got it on first try with my janky spellhai (not joseki).

Still needs to be certain about fatal and minion priorities.


It feels prety easy to be honest. I win him on my second try whit a lyonar rush deck.


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