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New Boss Battle Feedback Thread (Cade the Desolator)

Usual feedback thread about this month Boss Battle.

Liked the theme, minions, boss and design.
Got it on first try with Undying Abyssian but was fun.


Did the same thing, but… my poor Jaxi. Loved this boss, super fun. What happened to the dev created feedback threads? Either they decided to stop or they’re too late to beat the community’s

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Think the ones that were created by devs were to get feedback on the initial first 3(?) bosses to get a feel of what would be good, bad, fun, boring etc for a boss battle and adjust future boss battles to the feedback.

This boss I beat it first try with Dying Wish Vet. I’ve probably lost interest in the boss battles now as I don’t find them particularly entertaining nor frustrating anymore, and just see them as a way to get a quick orb.

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These threads are extremely helpful for us in gauging how well the community receives the new bosses. So whether or not it’s an official dev-made thread, I still personally read every comment so please keep the feedback coming :smiley:


Well then guys, your bosses’ ability activates when he takes damage on a Shadow Creep tile (Moved My General).

Why? Why do you do this to me @CPG?

At least three bosses have had small issues:
Cade: What I just mentioned.
Calibero: Cyclone generator wouldn’t show up on replays.
Umbra: Summons a copy of the minion swapped with Hearth-Sister, not Hearth-Sister.

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Glad I could finally beat something with Koan of Mechs

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Don’t forget you could dispel Umbra (and sometimes the second boss)

Always glad to hear it, these have been so fun :smile:

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Beat it first try with Vaath + grove lion

Yea what Kronikle said :smiley: The threads are still more than welcome, just the feedback is in a less offical sense than the first three, though it is still very valuable!

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You could probably beat a Reva deck with Koan of Mechs

I love this boss, hes so fun. If you want a challenge, try killing him only using shadow dancer to do damage :wink:

boss wasnt too bad, i like the direction duelyst is going in by making the bosses beatable without the necessity to buy orbs to craft meta decks, here is a video of me beating him on my second try with abyssian if anyone is having any difficulty with going up against him, the bosses should remain at this difficulty because it encourages more possible purchases of boss crates to support the game and the boss himself was still rewarding to beat. Very fun idea with the teleport and happy that he wasnt dispellable thus making the game more challenging and requiring you to think more on how to beat him. This boss did it right where boreal jugg and shinkage went wrong by allowing even beginners a chance to win as well.

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Whooo! Team Mech right here! :grinning:

(Though I played Mech with Godhammer and Azure Horn Shaman. Give me all dem buffs!)

He just cast a 2/5 Kelaino against me. Is the patch coming tomorrow or something?

First time I kill a boss in my first attempt- With Artifacts Sajj. Used Ankh with two Maelstorms to finish him off.

Patch releases the 19th, it says in the notes.

Cool boss, he wasn’t too hard although seeing a 24\24 Abyssal juggernaut was a bit intimidating. I beat him as usual with Sajj.

Fun fact: Bloodfire Totems warp randomly every time they damage the boss.

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I used my Zirix deck on this. Used astral phasing and cosmic flesh as main cards in the deck. It was very effective given the fact that your minions are being teleported to a random space. Just fly back to him and hit him in the face. Hahaha. First turn saberspine tiger. The next turn, I used astral phasing and then later on, cosmic flesh and scions second wish.

It went pretty well overall. My finishing move was astral phasing and first wishing my primus fist. Good thing he didn’t have any dispelling cards!

There were two bugs in my game.

The first was when the 3/3 battlepet spawned creep on a space that already had creep. First, my 1/1 Battlepet hit it, then a Makantor hit it, and the creep spawned on the space both times. You can see the dust flying up in both instances in the bottom left under the Young Silithar.

The second bug was when the enemy general hit one of my battlepets with forcefield. After the general hit the minion and it teleported away, the enemy’s Abyssal Juggernaut hit it (even though it was not adjacent).

This boss is rather fool as battle pet. He attack my minion such as Phalanxar (6/1) until hp 12 and then I finish him with Dragonbone Golem + Thumping Wave.