New Battlemaps Animated


Hi everyone F8 here and I did a small youtube clip in regards to the new Battlemaps!

For anyone that was on the fence in which one to buy. This should help you decide on which one you want! The maps look amazing animated and the pictures in the shop and on the webpage do no justice to how gorgeous they look.

My favorite is the Abyssian one, but in the shop it didn’t look as amazing as it was animated.


Daaaaamn. That’s niceeee. I’m too poor to afford this stuff lol.


Fuck me, they actually do look a lot better compared to how they’re presented in the shop or official website. I probably still won’t buy them though, but it might be enough of an incentive to buy them epic crates.


the third map looks amazing.

also put down the god damn obelysk please.
such a good turn 1 play lol. jk


Looking nice, thanks for this :slight_smile:


Got the Abyssian map, just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to the devs for giving it the Blue Monolith track, easily my favourite music track from the entire game and now I can listen to it every single time I’m going first. :heart_eyes: I haven’t tried the other maps so I don’t know if they all didn’t just get the same music track but as long as Abyssian keeps it I’m okay with that.


Is this true? Do the maps have their own music? Because in the trailer it’s all the same…


good question and if they have, which music is it for every map?


Abyssian BGM - Blue Monolith
Magmar BGM - Blue Monolith
Red BGM - Duskfall (Protectors of Mythron’s Secret)
Vanar BGM - Battlemap 02 (Aestari Spark)


For me as a player who started playing 2 weeks ago, new maps look exactly the same as basic maps - quality-wise, that is. I already met one in game and only recalled that it was legendary map after I checked patch notes. Does it tell you something?

If they were free and shuffled into basic maps from the beginning of the game, nobody would say a word, that’s what I wanted to say. They don’t have Wow-quality-level as Legendary cosmetics for 3,000 spirit are supposed to have

I understand that for people who have seen old maps 1,000,000 times each, these legendary maps will look cool simply because its something fresh. Another thing aimed at old playerbase it is - just like updated quest system.


I think I missed the world-wide consensus meeting of the Global Board of Game Development that decided this. :unamused:

Also, to me, they look distinctly different and in fact awesome. Don’t mistake your opinion for an idea that’s shared by more than one person unless you have sufficient grounds to assume it, and even then do not discount all the possible opinions that could differ.


Ye obviously what I say is just my own opinion - I thought it’s so obvious that doesn’t worth mentioning.

Don’t know about Global Board of Game Development, but Legendary things should look Legendary not Common - this is pure common sense. New maps use typical layout, color schemes, ideas (wow a circle with rune symbols, wow a mountain with stalagmits, how cool and innovative). In fact, that basic map with swimming pool and frozen dragon inside, on top of a mountain with chinese-like decorations all around and a foggy riverside view on the background looks much more legendary, than a plain purple piece of rock with pink circle and one stalagmit. Pretty sure first one took much more time and passion to create, too, since how many details it has compared to second

But, as I already said before, for people like u who play more than a year, new maps will be obviously cool, just because fresh and no matter high or low quality level - that’s how it always works.


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