New anti burst method and possible faction ideas


Well this is my first post to the forums and ive been on a lose streak lately from the same factions doing combinations from out of nowhere and doing 15 dmg per turn that cant be countered and i kill the source and it still pops up like draw magmar over draw plus the lgend that damages you upon draw. And i was wondering what could counter this kind of strong combonation damage and i got a idea from heart stone to be able to see a random card from their deck and when its added to their hand you will know and see it just like them and i think that could be a new faction where the bloodbound spell allows you to see 1 card in their deck and know when its in their hand or something like that so that players wont be so open to burst dmg from songhai spells and magmar otk. Im open to ideas and want to know what the forum thinks about it.

thank you


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