(New and Improved) Shimewaza -- Provoke Songhai


Inspired by a forum post I saw a few days ago, I decided to take the Provoke Songhai idea one step further:

Lady Locke.

While Wood-Wen is perfectly well, Lady Locke with our minions with give us even more Provoke per deck. It’s a simple backstab deck through and through, but with Provokes, your opponent can’t exactly move out of your choke. (Fun Fact: Shimewaza is the name of the choke in Judo. The more you know.)


Credits to @seraphicreaper for the original idea.

The way you play should be pretty simple, just don’t provoke until your dudes are in a backstab position. Then, you Wood-Wen and buff as you please. Alternatively, use Lady Locke to put your minions IN the backstab position, so even if they attack they take the bonus backstab damge.


BONUS FINISHER: Hamon + Wood-Wen. Could be fun.

Provback Mountain

why no obscuring blow? It seems like it’d be perfect for this deck, giving everything backstab :smile:


If you look at my dudes, they pretty much all have backstab and those who don’t, won’t need it. I’m considering dropping Hamon for Zendo though.


Thanks for the credit. I like the Lady Locke idea, but due to my lack of spirit, would be unable to obtain them. I was considering putting out a deck idea that I used to run months ago due to some recent cards being added. I’m gonna wait for the surprise until I see how my next orb(s) work out. :slight_smile:

Lemme know how ya do! :slight_smile:


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