New abyssian bbs cryptographer deck


Hi everyone! I am a gold player who has yet to reach diamond, so I built this new abyssian deck for the expansion. I have played for 3 seasons, and I think this will at least help hit diamond. I would love any feedback on the deck.
Here it is,
2 spectral revenant
1 vorpal reaver
1 rite of the undervault
3 furosa
3 horn of the forsaken
3 sphere of darkness
1 aphotic drain
2 cryptographer
2 daemonic lure
1 ephemeral shroud
3 gloomchaser
2 gor
2 deathfire crescendo
1 lady locke
3 ritual banishing
2 saberspine tiger
1 soul grimwar
1 void steal
3 wraithling swarm
1 bloodmoon priestess
1 grandmaster variax
thank you

The first turn conundrum (longest single post in the history of these forums?)
makes it way eaier to share lists. Manaspring is also an option.


Hi, I just got to diamond first time using an abyssian swarm deck. I haven’t played cards from the new set yet so can’t really comment on them, but you should really reconsider those 1 offs (especially the non-legendary ones as those are easier to get, having 1 Grimwar I think can be situationally good). The idea behind the deck is nice but too slow to pull off in most games, so be sure to have other win-cons besides Variax.

Generally you should always have 2-3 of a same card in a list unless its something really expensive like Obliterate. I would at least put 2 more Shrouds in, and also 1 or 2 Void Steals, those have been amazing for me this season. Horn of the Forsaken is not really worth running. Are you running the list as Lilithe? If so, drop Spheres too. Darkfire Sacrifice might work really nice. You can add me IG if you like :slight_smile:


Spheres replace blood tear, furosa and cryptographer one win con, deathfire is second etc thank you very much though. I’m considering replacing the daemonic with void steal


Thank you very much!


Oh right I didn’t notice you had 2 Crescendos in there :smiley: good! Using Bagoum or Manaspring deckbuilders makes these lists indeed easier to look at.


I really like the healing options that Abyss has. Keilano is very expensive to unlock but that card is buuuuuuusted. Like extremely strong. Shadow Dancer is also very good in swarm but is much more aggressive. I don’t have Deathfire Crescendo myself, so I haven’t tried it as a win condition so I cant say for sure if these cards would be good in there but I think they would be worth experimenting with.

If you find yourself dying a turn or two before you can set up lethal, than having a bit of healing would have prevented that. I tend to play more controlly decks so healing is important to me, but I believe it would be good in this deck as well.


I might replace aphotic drain with kelaino, but if you are losing hard kelaino might not help you, since it heals incrementally


Yeah, it isn’t really a burst heal like most spells, it is more of a “play this card midgame to keep yourself healthy” It is extremely strong against classes without ranged removal/dispel, and still a good card in the other matchups.


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