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Never mind I love it now, leave me alone


You know @philbuni I have an autotipper script installed so I tip everybody even people I don’t like and would never tip. I do it because more gold is always a nice thing, trying to help others getting a bigger collection because I already have a full one.

So that’s no reason to insult me as a “piece of shit” and “to suck your dick” and threaten me with rape and you giving me your tip.
It is not the Duelyst community, it is you who has a problem. You have a very toxic behaviour and I recommend you getting some help.

Here the clip, I watched the VOD afterwards because I wondered about the concede:


Wow, this guy has some nerve. I’ll just leave this little thing here so the irony can (hopefully) induce some self awareness.


Are you pointing out the tweet? cause that " emoticon spam God King Fartnite" is far more horrendous :joy:


Trying to be politically relevant on Twitter only to be superficial and hypocritical? Yes please!


Moria’s the David Bowie wannabe right?


yeah. would have been a really cool villain if she didn’t run like naruto.


Wait, he’s an adult? I thought he was like, seven.


Agreed here, I’m also surprised. Looks like a person in mid thirties. Idiocy in childhood is annoying, but understandable, idiocy in adulthood makes me sad.


Is it the same guy we talked about a few weeks ago?For whichs rank i asked?


I think that’s Peshay.


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