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Never mind I love it now, leave me alone


I hate you all.


I like the little shining sound it made before it stopped responding


:confused: gee guess I’ll have to quit overwatch too. their website doesn’t work 100% of the time

no seriously i don’t get why this is such a big deal.


There’s no CM currently, blablabla…

I’m tired :sleepy:


I would give up on you.


see that’s the thing. how’d you make a leap from

to this

I’d be sympathetic to your frustration if

  • you made a good case explaining that duelyst doesn’t care about its players anymore
  • i didn’t know that they’re looking for new community managers and trying to make things okay(e.g. when we had network issues, they actually fixed it)
  • We just received announcement not too long ago that a new expansion will come soon
  • redirect my hatred for michael chu to duelyst staff. this is the hardest part. duelyst hasn’t ruined their lore to rub a leftist agenda in my face yet.


+1 like

They almost (and might still) casted a black person for Ciri in a Witcher live adaption and if you have played Witcher, it makes no sense. You already ruined Teen Titans, please don’t destroy one of my favorite video games of all time.


Oh, isn’t even this phrase considered racist regardless of context in “civilised” countries?

And yeah, I read Witcher, so I feel you.


most of the things i watched online point to “yes”. hopefully my westernized asian country would know better when it turns “progressive”


Oh come on. The extreme left might be hypersensitive numbskulls, but the extreme right celebrates stupidity.


The extreme right and extreme left are one and the same, the only difference at the moment is that the extreme left is more mainstream.


not saying right is better. just saying l̶e̶f̶t̶ michael chu is at fault in this particular scenario.

It’d be also nice if i can point out one wrong thing left or right does and not have to do a disclaimer that " the other side is terrible too".


Micheal Chu? The writer for Overwatch?


not writer. senior designer. I question if he ever really has any hand in any of the good parts of the lore. blizzard blew their budget so hard that the lore is being written, and retroactively retconned through several Michael chu tweets.

he also approves very crappy comics to be written into the lore.

(i mean, come on, there are so many good comics for OW and he only tweets about the lamer ones)


I actually loved the lore of Overwatch, until I realized it was more or less non-existent.


It does exist. until michael chu says it doesn’t. How they implied that Moira was behind the downfall of overwatch was genius.


Maybe then will they finally realize that the constant bombardment of face zoom-ins to emphasize a dramtic event will only ever produce a comedic effect. (I’ll admit, it’s pretty amusing though)


I heard they really do make these things intentionally crappy since the broadcasting companies underpay their staff. They’re literally doing paid professional shitposting.


I like how crappy topics always become a branch of meme thread :grin:


Yoooo, 2 Kolos’s chat except this one is actually cancer but doesn’t have Nazis.