Never had so much fun in the game


I usually wouldn’t post dumb shit like this but it’s genuinely true. For the first time in a long time I’ve been playing the game for reasons other than doing my dailies or grinding the ladder. It’s all due to this deck (some of you might have seen me posting it in a different thread):

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Iunno, maybe it’s just me being overly excited for experiencing something so refreshing due to me never playing an OTK deck before but I figured I’d still share it.

I’ve only played like a dozen matches with it but it was enough to see how enjoyable it is. The process of trying to survive in order to find the combo pieces for an OTK is almost as enjoyable as an OTK itself. Not to mention getting a bit lucky with draws and just winning the game straight up on T3 without moving an inch. Other than me having fun with this fairly challenging deck, I’ve also been fairly successful with it and I think I can to take it to diamond if I learn how to actually pilot it properly (S might be a long shot though).

So yeah, if you’re bored, never played the deck but have some spirit laying around I really do recommend giving it a shot.

Discuss the deck, other fun decks you enjoy, relative viability of fun decks on ladder, staleness of grinding, me making a half assed thread about my subjective experiences rather than doing a proper deck guide, or what the fuck ever. Okay, bye~

Scioness Sajj Deck Help

I dont have the spirit nor the cards to try ir out :FeelsVetMan: but it honestly seems really complex and/ or very draw luck dependant. How do you play it? How does it work against other factions? Seems like an agressive deck pretty much breaks this because of the artifact dependancy.

Im actually intrigued :0


I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m learning as I go and that’s also one of the reasons why I find it fun. It’s some weird ass mixture between an aggro and a combo deck, you really just have to adjust and play it depending on what draws you have.


Did you try Spinecleaver? Depending on how many minions you kill that can give you some nice extra damage per turn and might help getting the opponent into lethal range, especially opponents who know what you are trying to do and heal out of combo range.


Wha-what have I witnessed ? I guess this just means I should stop playing drinking games.


I’ve considered replacing a hexblade for it but it’s been serving me really well so far. And my plan isn’t to prolong the game anyway but to close it out as quickly as possible and spine cleaver doesn’t really help in that regard. Maybe I’m wrong, we’ll see. Atm, I really love the deck as is.


From someone who has used a similar build before, it is definitely fun. But the fun stops as soon as you get bad draws and the opponent answers everything you have. I was playing a similar deck last season until diamond then changed to a more consistent deck to reach S. The wins are great but the frustration builds up when you can’t consistently win.

And don’t be salty when a songhai emotes on you :wink:


Yeah five mana for Spinecleaver is pretty steep. It probably is too slow and it might actually be better just to throw out low cost cards, refilling with Spelljammer and smorcing face.


I really want to face you on ladder with my “smash face, heal face” vaath deck.


This looks pretty neat! Have you considered Grincher or that bloke who repairs all of your artifacts? Grincher seems pretty good if this deck starts to run out of steam.

While the repair-dude might be too slow, I figured that, if he could fit into any deck, it would be this one.


Isn’t grincher too random? Chance of getting something good is like 20% or something like that. I played him many times ( mostly in meme decks) and is seemed nat good at all, yes you can get regallia but… You know, that mostly won’t happen.


I found him to be prettttty good, especially in gauntlet. If he gives you a bad artifact, you can simply replace it. Due to the price reduction, things like Winterblade and Morin Khuur are actually decent from him. The only truly bad card you can get is Ghost Azalea if you have no creep.


Yeah I remember when I got 2 Azalea’s in a row in gauntlet.


Once got a grimwar while I had an Ankh equipped, on Sajj. sigh good times, good times


I have played around with a similar deck once, and I too found it really cool.

In fact, the refreshing experience of playing with a whole new deck and experiencing cool fun gameplay is basically what drives me to play at all, not winning or anything.

Since you said: [quote=“raqyee, post:1, topic:5800, full:true”]
Discuss the deck, other fun decks you enjoy, (…) what the fuck ever.[/quote]

I will talk about a deck I júst just just made, which so far is really fun.

Obliterating Wish:

It’s meant to try out Ironclad, and to be honest, he’s actually really good with the Consuming Rebirth that’s in this deck. It’s a nice turn to get all enemies dispelled and put a 5/4 on the board. If they then deal with it, any new summons get dispelled as well :slight_smile:

It’s just in general really fun to summon these big bad boys and consume them for their dying wish, or bring them back with Nether Summoning. I am having a lot of fun with this, that’s all I wanted to say really. :slight_smile:


The deck I’ve been having scary success with on ladder. I really, REALLY want to include the new Decimus, Spelljammer combo but don’t know what I can cut and add these cards for while the deck remains stable. I’ve considered maybe cutting the EDecay and DomWills to add 2 copies of each.

What do you guys think? suggestions? and If I can’t do it while keeping the deck stable, it’s no big deal, I can build another deck around that.

P.S. Also really wanted to add Inner Oasis, it’s just good, esp. once you have Kron on the board, 4/7 and prisoners being 2/5, especially Steve, makes him even more obnoxious. xD
Also renders Aethermaster and White Widow much more difficult to kill, serves as cycle and you can make the dervishes off Pax 2/5 as well.


-2 domwill +2 decimus, no spelljammer :slight_smile: ?


I did, but it’s really hard to find any flex spots in the deck. And when it comes to Grincher specifically, I don’t think he really is needed considering the amount of artifacts the deck has and I’d rather not remove hexblades in order to fit them in. But then again, I’m still experimenting with the deck so I might change my mind.

Honestly I’d just cut scarabs entirely. Scarab is meant to generate lots of value over time. Kron already does that to some degree, and so does widow and decimus. Having too many value generators just makes the deck even clunkier than it is. Other than that, I’d probably cut either both dowmwills or a single one plus a single ankh. That gives you enough slots for 2x decimus and 3x jammer.


How do the flamebloods fit? Either open before you have any artifacts or close with them?
Seems like you could have some awkward turns because of them :S


Basically yeah, they work similarly as they do in every other aggro deck. Difference is how there is a bit more incentive to use them early on due to lack of good early drops and how it’s often difficult to use them just as a means to fill out the curve because of the artifacts like you mentioned.

This is an aggro deck after all and flamebloods are the staples of the archetype. I guess boneswarm could serve the similar purpose but I just prefer my hot wizards. Plus you know, I can only imagine the look on people’s faces when they see Sajj playing them.