Neutral general BBS


If there was a neutral general, what would it’s blood born spell be? ( assume the general only has access to neutral cards)

I’d make it give a minion +1/+1 move an extra space

Neutral General
Nuetral spells/Generals; yes or no?

How about give all minions in your hand +1/+1?


Maybe we should deal with the big things first, like how would the neutral general function in the first place? He’s going to be just like a regular minion and we can use whatever faction’s cards or what? After that we can deal with the small things like what would it’s BBS be. Please put in some effort into your threads please.


He can only use neutral cards


How about “Lose the game”. Because if you want to play with such a massive handicap, might as well go full out and make the BBS basically nonexistent.


Then I guess the general better have a godly bbs


The one problem with a neutral faction would be that there are no neutral spells, so all they would be able to do would be okay minions. You could make it’s BBS create spells out add them to your hand, but it could power creep Starhorn’s BBS.


“Draw a random spell from your opponent’s deck. It costs 1 less.”



Assuming that neutral spells happen at some point (we could only hope.) I do think that even if Neutral spells exist, a Neutral General would be kindof pointless. Generals are themed towards their faction specifically. I do think that some point, “Alliance” (2 Faction) Generals are more likely (given how the lore pits two factions against a specific faction all of the time- like Vet and Lyo vs Songhai.)


Cards shared only between two specific Factions sound like a thing to me.


Sounds like MTG to me xD


let the general have access to neutral cards and one faction of your choice per deck there solved.