Nether Summoning


I found this weird card in a pack today, is it any good?

Also, I would like to have a clarification on the text. If I understand correctly, it may revive up to two minions died during my opponent’s turn or my current turn. Does it also include my previous turn or not?

It seems too random overall to be good


I played with it yesterday coincidentally and I think it’s rather good. Kill the enemy Kron on the board, losing your Reaver in the process, cast the spell: you now have a Kron of your own and your Reaver back.


It doesn’t include your previous turn afaik. I am no Abyssian player, so i can’t really give you advice on the quality, but it has synergy with Sarlac and Dying Wish minions in general, would prolly also be good if Ramp Abyss was a thing (which it isn’t, because arcane devourer is pretty ass). I’d say it can be very effective but is highly situational.


Oh, so the opponent’s minions come under my control as well? I believed each player still owned their corresponding minions.

If in that scenario it “steals” Kron, it can be an excellent card in some matchups!


Yeah you take control over the enemy minion (if one is summoned) as well. But it’s still situational, because you have to have (or have had) a board, or take huge amounts of facedamage to kill a big enemy minion to bring back with nether summoning. It prolly works best with Spectral revenant and maybe saberspine tiger.


As a player who uses a dying wish deck I can tell you nether summoning is an amazing card.

How to use it? Once you end your turn, keep track of all minions that die after that point. If the things that die are two big minions, you can get massive value from nether summoning. It really isn’t that random at all, just keep track and weigh the probabilities. Even if you don’t get the minion you were hoping for, summoning at least 5 mana worth of minions is good (which usually happens). If you want to get a specific minion, Reaper of the nine moons is a great card for that, you can place it far away to prevent an unwanted minion from dying, then suicide him into a big threat, like an aymara, now when you use nether summoning you know exactly what you will get.


This is good news. I ended up with 2 early on and thought them joke cards. Good thing I never dust legendries.