Nerf vetruvian artefacts


Hej guys do you know that the vetruvian artefacts combos are annoying because if you dont have any spell that destroys the artefacts you will lose like a blast + double damage

Cloudfrog's Mecha Combo Sajj (warning: several known bugs)

Bloodtear and EMP are your friends.


Step 1: Play Faie/Songhai
Step 2: Get all the burn you can get
Step 3:…
Step 4: Profit


Any artifacts are annoying if you don’t have counters.

Try using any of extremely vast list of pings and direct artifact counters.


yes 15characters

bring rust crawler and matter shaper


If you attempt to nerf my precious SPINECLEAVER I will find you, burn your family, and force you to eat the charred flesh.


Just run cards like BTA and Rust Crawler. CPG couldn’t be any more obvious about artifact counters.


How about direct damage to general cards?
or rust crawler


Lemme know if you need help with that. Ill make time.


it’s artifact V:


try finding answers first before you cry nerfs, artifact hate cards like the others have suggested are in the game and it’s up to you how much you’d like to include in your decks


Jezus i fought i am a drama alert





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