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I’ve been tweaking this trying to get a balance and decent tempo and some win-conditions that aren’t dependent on tokens. The tempo is alright but I wanted to post this up and get some feedback before going into ladder with it. I have been trying to test against AI but that’s only marginally helpful.

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I would dedicate just over half of your deck to generating tokens… Not all of it, run 3x Well od don’t play Nemetown at all and run actual good removal, this ain’t ancient bonds.

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go on DO and ask for tarto


Well, it’s not all token generation, but I get your point. I put in ramp and disenchant to pace it out better and Winter’s Wake to use the walls as a secondary wincon… though I get that that’s probably not optimal or ideal… just trying to multitask some of the stuff that’s already there.
Right now 6 of my creatures are ramp/control and 4 of my spells are utility(?). That’s 10 cards of 40 or … 25%… I’m considering more Firestarters and Wailing Overdrives for big rush damage late game.

@galaxydueler I don’t know what that is…

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tarto is the self proclaimed best nemeton player and “nemeton prophet”


I would go with for token generation:
3x Circulus
3x Prismatic Illusionist
3x Drake Dowger
3x Kindred Hunter
3x Grandmaster Embla

3x Gravity Well
1-3x Endless Hunt based on the amount of minions you play.
3x Wintertide
3x Luminous Charge

This gives you space to let you run good cards while still making the deck consistent, don’t run Wailing Overdrive and Wake as they are over costed but I reccomend running Razorback.

For removal I would run:
2-3x Aspect of the Ravager
3x Hailstone Prison

CCold is trash, don’t run it.

To fill put the final 9 spots in the deck (not counting Hunt) I would run 3x Blue Conjurer as it’s the best card in Vanar, 3x Malicious Wisp as we are the only player allowed to have fun. 3x Crystal Wisp for ramp and 2x Endless Hunt as 2 is the corresponding number to the amount of minions which we play.


You got tons of token and no plan, boy you’ll get squeeshed.
There - two nemeton that actually win with or without procing the oak.


Thanks… no plan is maybe a bit harsh… the first list was built around stall with swarm until I could drop Nemeton but it was definitely lacking.

I’ll take a look at those. I think I’m missing a few things and I just tapped out on spirit but I will see what I can do.

@epicflygon thanks, I will look at that as well though it’s the same situation with spirit and maybe missing one or two of those.

I just gave this a shot

It’s interesting and the firestarter creates some strong hits but you guys are right… as soon as I hit a decent swarm deck or one of those insane Magmar decks that’s floating around atm, I really don’t think it will have much to counter. I’ll look at what I can do with the spirit situation and trying those suggested decks but it might be a bit.


If you have a problem with spirit Vanar is really not the faction to play, I would recommend picking up Burn or Midrange if you still wan’t to play fun Vanar decks but at a fraction of the cost (although midrange is not an easy deck to play.)


I’m by no means a Vanar pro, or anything pro for that matter, but for the deck to consistently summon Oak you need to have different various token generators. Consider sentinels and buildings - they are tokens, and all Vanar sentinels are pretty strong.

The problem is that such gameplan contradicts the main strength of Vanar - its removal. To make such deck you are left with little removal options, only various aspects synergise with the Oak. Speaking of aspects though, some forgotten ones may possibly shine here, namely aspect of drake, and the one producing seismic elemental which also is an AoE.

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Not any more, Vanar lost every good option they have, everything is just so mediocore. Vanar’s best assest is ram-wait not anymore. Vanar’s best assest is their strong lategame.

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lol, you’ve got some responses for me today that could be taken the wrong way. This and another one you’ve basically told me this isn’t the game for me (or faction)… when I have been playing this game for quite a while and came here after being a veteran of M:TG Tactics, Kingdoms CCG, and others. I already said, I will get the necessary spirit… I just spent 1200+ building out other options and it’ll take me a few days to get that back… so … no… I’ll keep at this, it’ll just take a while.

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