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Nemeton has been built


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long post ahead:

for two months i’ve been working on a questionable concept - wall nemeton.
the normal nemeton usually take hard hits when it comes to counters in meta, so i fused nemeton into wall and created my version of living hell (to master).
did you think this one is not gonna get official? well, guess again, i broke the glass ceiling of s rank today using this deck and this deck only, tweaking it to my liking throughout the last two months.
to avoid playing try hard i included card that i love, and only cards that i love, like locke and frostiva used memey combos to the max, and got to know the fun and memey side of vanar enough to make it official.

this deck is STRONG!! and i can not stress this enough, when played well - it slam dank meta decks like nothing, but when the draws are bad (real bad), you don’t replace right, or misplay this is all over is a second. on the other hand is fun as hell, challenging, has some of the more beautiful units duelyst has to offer and it teaches you how to play the positional game.

this is the deck:

i assume alot of the players would prefer kara, but i like faie more when it comes to this king of play style.
the good part - this deck when played right doesn’t get countered by any meta deck (just ziran, but ziran is not a deck she’s the devil).
rather it countered real hard (and i mean real hard) by EMP, lightbender and friends that clear your walls.
the bad part - you also rely on draws and replaces which sometimes prove to be a problem.

the way i play it -
i pray to have ramp in my opening hand (usually have), and start the race, to either locke + spines on 6 or locke + luminous/ embla on 8.

turn 1 - will usually be gwell into aspect in a secure yet threatening position/ crystal wisp.
the following - a control phase (can also drop evil wisp), you control the board using luminous/ aspects/ frostiva/ in key positions which give you more range or threaten razorback or clear + ramp more with mdg.
all the time thinking on how to preserve at least one token.

at 6 mana - is where the fun begin - if you didn’t lose until now you have a good chance to win - locke + spines / jax both when razorback in hand will usually do a great job giving you a good token + get the opponent guessing.

on 7 mana - is usually cleanup turn - you clean the board or chank the opponent hp in half or more for a good finisher in the next turn.

at 8 mana - you drop the bombs, either embla, locke + luminous or even token + nemeton if you manage to create a good board will put the nail on the coffin for you.
this is usually not how it ends though giving 3 wake in deck is a strong addition to end game but sometimes you get countered by aoe after embla has dropped - for this moment we have nemeton.
in more then enough times embla will complete the trail for you - so dropping nemeton + gwell or spikes and take some space will be enough to finish it.
the reason i run faie implanted is here - i need the awkward positioning + the bbs after 9 mana to put enough pressure and damage for the win.

This is an ideal picture of a game, a rough draft to look for but as you see everything in this deck meant to either lock you down for a kill, ramp or a suprise damage source.

There is not really best or worst matchups due to the diffrent playstyle, it depends on the skill level and the tools you got.

i’m quite lazy when it comes to writing but today was an exception - my project of two months is done. i feel like i’m not gonna leave it for a next one anytime soon this is too fun of a deck:)


questions? comments? i’m here to answer.

p.s - @sonofmakuta thank you for everything, without your opinions and suggestions of kara it would be much harder to reach:)



Sees that Memetown has been declared viable :heart_eyes:
Sees spirit cost :sweat::sweat::sweat::sweat::sweat::sweat::sweat:



When it comes to vanar deck i have EVERYTHING!! (muhahahahaha…).

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I really want to try this deck out, but that means I’ll have to craft Locke, Frostiva, Aspect, and Wake…

RIP my Spirit



What do you do if you can’t find 2 mana play as P1? How do you come back?



I usually don’t play nothing and in the next turn using mdg to clear or drop spine.
Everything to have to deal with less board in turn 6

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I think everyone should play locke :slight_smile:
You can always use kron / fenrir breserker instead of frostiva.
Wake and embla are vanar staples.
And aspect can be replaced by pony of death (i’mguessing)



I like what i see here. It smells of ambition. Nothing like a good madman trying to push the odd sides of Vanar in a evening like this to make my day.

Generally speaking, however, i ask you what would you have in mind if attempting to enhance its draw consistency without disrupting much of its power? I could guess trying to fit either Sojourner or Void Hunter as early aggro magnets to protect your walls, but what to take away to fit 'em would be troubling.



I tried to cut the frostiva out for sojourners but it seems like the deck just don’t need the draw.
The curve is built like a big wincon, and you usually draw the right pieces of the puzzle.
the control playstyle help you preserve your cards + nemeton gives you less card space to actually draw into.
What happened was i soj. Usually got abused and burned cards if you need draw i would suggest void hunter over soj. And you can cut… hmm… frostiva i guess given it’s a conditional card.



Ohh yes - replays will be coming soon:)

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I think that i played aganist you with this deck and i can confirm that is pretty strong! Good job man! :slight_smile:

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i actually uploaded our game :slight_smile:



after watching a couple of your replays, Nemeton would be the first card I’d take out here. Seems unnecessary and like a win more card when you are actually able to summon it. Also you probably burn a card often when going first, seeing you only have 6 first turn plays as player 1. I really enjoyed the replays I watched though. GG for getting to S with this list! :+1:

At the same time, the g-well spines opener is cool, and apparently too much for some of your opponents. Also Locke into Spines. Cool.^^



nemeton is a pressure card and a immediate wincon when things go wrong after embla (more then enough times of emp and lightbenders) that’s why the deck revolves around both walls and nemeton, besides they sync good enough to make opponent guessing hard and fall into one of them (aspects, walls and pressure cards are tokens threaten wake as well as nemeton :slight_smile: )

and yes burning card is a problem but your payoff is outstanding. i don’t really care about burning a card as long as i’ll have the tools to either fight for board control until 6 mana or be able to preserve a token to embla to hit for a complete trail.

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Also trial cards give you card advantage by default so i think playing them is a no brainer :thinking:


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