Need some help/improvements for my deck! (Creep Cassyva)


Hey my friends! I’m coming to you since I’ve been having a hard time, I’m stuck at rank 6 and I can’t seem to figure out how can I break the meta decks with my deck, I’ve had terrible luck against Songhai in general, also against Vajj (can’t deal with Aymara Healers)
I’d really appreciate your help!


You may be interested in some inputs I got a month ago on same topic.


get rid of the assassins, they suck.

i personally like shadow nova to get extra creep.

i dont have enough krons to know if the aethermasters are good enough to keep.

the 1xreaper isnt consistent enough to be worth it.


thanks man!, I’ve actually been thinking about removing the aethermasters. I technically only use them to bait phoenix fires…


Try to bring the curve down a little bit, you already have plenty of late game (Spec/Obliterate/Klaxon) and Kelaino for mid game. I don’t play creep so that’s as much as I can offer.


From my experience (2xAzalea & 1xObliterate) is better than (2xObliterate & 1xAzalea).

After 1rst Obliterate, you will rarely have enough time to build enough creep for a second.
With Azalea, you keep your creeps (so you can Obliterate later), and on turn 8, you can even go double Azalea for surprise finisher.

Also, invest in third Ooz, they have a nice synergy with your BBS.

For starting game, I use 3xJaxi, cheap and efficient, and sometime combo with Darkfire Sacrifice to get, for instance an early Kron and a ranged 1/1 ! :slight_smile:
Darkfire is also useful on a Klaxon to get to the kill (Azalea again).


thanks a lot man! the thing is that it’s kinda hard to get the obliterate if you only have one in the deck. I already made some changes and I’ve been testing a little bit, I’ll post the results soon!