Need some help here!


Hello there, so I started playing Duelyst a while ago. I have 80 hours on the game so far, and I feel like I got stuck climbing the ladder.

I don’t have much luck so I thought perhaps getting the free legendary for rank 10 might be quite useful, little did I know my win streak that sent me flying out of bronze would stop so suddenly and for so long. I made my own decks with which I steamrolled everything only to discover they’re actually REALLY bad, of course. I got stuck at rank 18 until I made a Vetruvian deck with all my spirit to find out they’re a bit underpowered, they carried me to rank 14, from which I’m still trying to escape to this day. Here are some of the decks I tried with my limited budget, hoping that one of them would work. I’m currently still rank 14 at 89 wins, while my friends are at rank 10 and 9 with 41 and 27 wins respectively. (Seriously?) Funny thing is I helped them both make their decks which helped them get to their ranks.

I was wondering whether this is just bad luck or whether I suck or maybe if my decks are shit, here they are:

My first deck I tried after getting stuck on 15 is this Lyonar deck. I find that every time I pull off something good I get dispelled, as if my opponent has an answer to anything I can play all the time. So frustrating.

Argeon Highmane

Auryn Nexus x1
Sundrop Elixir x1
True Strike x1
Azurite Lion x3 (I love these guys)
Ephemeral Shroud x2
Healing Mystic x2
Jaxi x2
Primus Fist x2
Sun Bloom x2
Tempest x2
Windblade Adept x3
Afterblaze x1
Divine Bond x3
Martyrdom x3
Saberspine Tiger x1
Silverguard Knight x3
Arclyte Regalia x1
Holy Immolation x1
Primus Shieldmaster x1
Dagger Kiri x1 (Divine bond is awesome with this)
Sworn Defender x1
Zen’Rui The Blightspawned x1
Diamond Golem x1

After that pushed me to 14 I tried to do this Abyssian Deck, my friends refused to play against me with it cuz they thought it was OP, yet I’m not winning at all with it in ladder. (My friends are already both gold which is frustrating because I wreck them hard with every deck.)

Cassyva Soulreaper

Bloodtear Alchemist x3
Grasp of Agony x1
Sphere of Darkness x2
Void Pulse x1
Daemonic Lure x2
Gloomchaser x3
Jaxi x2
Primus Fist x2
Spectral Blade x1
Nightsorrow Assassin x1
Crimson Oculus x1
Repulsor Beast x2
Shadow Reflection x1
Shadow Watcher x1
Abyssal Juggernaut x2
Bloodmoon Priestess x1
Primus Shieldmaster x3
Shadow Nova x3
Dancing Blades x2
Dark Transformation x2
Night Fiend x1
Reaper of the Nine Moons x1
Vorpal Reaver x1

Then I scrapped the idea and went for Kara Winterblade after getting defeated by her about 7 times in a row.
Once again I tested it on my friends who refused to play against it afterwards once again, lol. Still didn’t work in ladder though.

Kara Winterblade

Flash Freeze x2
Aspect of the Fox x3
Bloodtear Alchemist x2
Snow Chaser x1
Chromatic Cold x2
Crystal Cloaker x3
Ephemeral Shroud x2
Frostfire x2
Healing Mystic x2
Hearth-Sister x2
Cryogenesis x3
Fenrir Warmaster x3
Saberspine Tiger x3
Snowpiercer x1
Primus Shieldmaster x3
Razorback x1
Arctic Displacer x1
Dancing Blades x3

Then after that didn’t work at all, I tried this, my current Magmar deck. Though I find that my general is drawing all the good cards to the opponent, not to me lol.

Starhorn the Seeker

Dampening Wave x2
Bloodtear Alchemist x3
Greater Fortitude x3
Razor Skin x1
Diretide Frenzy x1
Ephemeral Shroud x3
Gro x1
Healing Mystic x2
Natural Selection x2
Young Silithar x3
Crimson Oculus x1
Kinetic Equilibrium x2
Saberspine Tiger x2
Adamantite Claws x2
Earth Sphere x2
Egg Morph x1
Veteran Silithar x3
Dancing Blades x2
Plasma Storm x2
Silithar Elder x1

I’m starting to get mad about pouring so much spirit into these decks that don’t work anyway, I can’t get out of rank 14 at all. If any of you guys have any tips, please do share, I really need it.

Or if any of you want to add me in-game, feel free to do so. My IGN is Pavel201.
I can share replays or we can play a friendly game, I’ll be happy for either.

One last question, I’m here sitting at 89 wins, right? So why do I get matched up with these guys:

  1. 300 songhai wins, 100 lyonar wins
  2. 200 vetruvian wins, 200 magmar wins, 200 abyssian wins
  3. 400 abyssian wins
  4. 1000 magmar wins (really game?)
  5. 100 lyonar wins, 500 songhai wins, 200 vetruvian wins
  6. 700 abyssian wins

Not even kidding, no wonder I keep losing. Also, no idea which category to put this in since I’m new to the forums, sorry if this is misplaced.


First off: One offs are rarely a good idea. I know that this is probably due to you not having enough spirit, but there for example is literally no point in running a single saberspine since its a basic, and dagger kiri might be ok in a budget, idk, but in general is really bad. You should just settle on one deck and build it properly, e.g. get a second holy immo and afterblazes for lyonar and what not. You are also using some odd cards, like diamond golem (Stormmetal is MUCH better) and Night fiend (ass stats for a situational effect).

Also, Ribbons don’t mean jackshit my man, unless those people are usually (diamond)/s-rank players that just didn’t ladder this month until now.

In general: don’t scrap decks after losing a few times, might be due to bad luck. Use 3 ofs for the most part to gain consistency. If you are frustrated and think it’s due to your decks, netdeck. There also are some good deckbuilding guides out there (i think pylon made one for the official duelyst page, just google pylons squad camp or sth).

Oh yeah, Vet Silithar is bad.

I’d recommend crafting for good neutral rares if you want to try different decks, to also get Lkian which is a really good draw engine. Basically try to get Sunsteel defender, lightbender, sojourner, and…
can’t think of other good neutral rares at the top of my head, help me guys lol.


I have Owlbeasts and PrismIllusionists, but only cause I tried out Arcanysthai lol


Arcanysts might actually be something to try out, since they work well with many of Lyonars/vets buffs, and most of those are common or rare. And owlbeast is busted lol. I mean you miss out on Aegis Barriers and Scientist for lyonar and Aymara for Vet but it’s whatever i guess. You can also look up Grincherz Budget lists.


…!? Whatever!? Sir. Respect the Aymara.


I mean, you can just run Domwill and Domwill the Opponents Aymaras amirite?
Also, Starfire scarab needs luv.

Quick Budget Arcanyst Vet list based off sth i am currently running in diamond (i am having stupid success with it considering its a meme, only played 10 games or so with it, but haven’t lost yet for some reason, prolly just lucky and bad as usual lol)


If it’s not the decks, it might be the experience and nuances of matches.

I’d suggest just getting more experience, legendaries, and a good enough deck - and watch the wins come.

That’s how it was for me - definitely consider some decks on this here forum, learn the matchups, and if confident you’ll hit gold and then diamond within a year :smile:

Just imo though~ depends how much time you put in I guess


Thanks a lot for the tips guys! As for the one ofs, I know they’re bad but I find that I always only have one of a good card. I’ll try to reduce this, hopefully it will help. I’ll try to just settle for a magmar deck for the moment, though I’m absolutely out of spirit due to me only getting commons and one rare from orbs all the time.


Well - I really haven’t tried the deck I’m posting here. But I think it’s a cheap deck that should easily carry you to Gold. It has much room for improvements in every slot in the curve.
(Maybe) questionable choices:
Repulsors: I put them in to have more counter to Provoke. But I see many Krons - and you really want to kill them and not beam them away - so you need the eggs.
I think 2 Sojourner may be enough when playing almost ever on curve.
Warbeasts and Taygete for Golems and Blades.
Kron for Shieldmasters
If you don’t need the card draw replace Sojourner, if you don’t need the Repulsors replace them. Putting in Thumping, Flash Reincarnation and (only maybe) some Frenzies will also help.
Here the decklist (only cores, commons and rares):

Edit: You may want to put in two Plasma Storms for Songhai and Vetruvian matchups. I’d probably cut the Repulsors for it.


Thank you for the deck! :smile: I’ll be more than happy to try it, I have all the cards for it. Hopefully it’ll give me some more luck. Reached rank 13 yesterday, only to get a 5 loss streak again, lol.


So, I tested the deck. It worked quite well, at least it seemed to. Still didn’t win any of my matches though, due to my luck. (Or more like their luck actually.)

Match 1 vs magmar, where I had 21 hp and he had 3. He gave himself 2x adamantite claws in the turn before, which along with his overloads got him to 11 attack. Next turn I got him down to 2 hp, and he used the spell which makes your general 10/10. So that gave him 21 attack, instakilling my general.

Match 2 vs abyssian, I got him surrounded in a corner with a 8/3 provoke, a 8/6 stormmetal golem and two young silithars at full. He was going to die next turn as he had 5 hp, but he used Obliterate which killed all my units and left my general at 6 hp. Bam, spectral revenant.

Match 3 vs Magmar, he killed me quite early on, I didn’t even have an idea where he got the mana. So he used his phalanxar and gave him 2x greater fortitude, buffing him up to 10 attack, and he put adamantite claws on top of his overload which gave him 8 damage total. What a coincidence my general had 19 hp. Little did I know he had a bloodtear alchemist as well. This time he had 10hp.

Then I decided to take a break, because this is getting quite frustrating. I’m always so close to a win, then they use the win card and I lose. Thought I’d be having this kind of issues at rank 7-6 or something like that, not at 15. Starting to lose hope here, because this threw me back to rank 15 with one progress.

Anything I can do with it or is it just bad luck here?


Match 1: That’s why you stay away from vaath, even if you are vaath yourself, and especially when they equip claws.

Match 2: Well, that’s just what Creep Cassy does honestly.

Match 3: well, this is more of bad luck, but still, stay away from vaath.


Ok, I’ll try keep that in mind, I just kinda didn’t expect a 21 hit. Thanks for your help. :wink:


If you want you can add me to your friendlist and I’ll watch some replays of your Magmar games.
IGN = locoblutaxt
Edit: Since you’re not that experienced it could be you’re making many positioning errors. (I don’t want to say that I’m a pro or so - I’m far from that!) But maybe I can see some fundamental mistakes.