Need opinions about these decks


Hi im a casual competetive duelyst player but i what some opinions to maybe how can i improve both of my decks im must pure songhai player xDD, (because of the plays and the archetype) i tried to make a mid range-ish and spellhai deck, sometimes dead hand and dead draws are likely to happen, so i need some suggestions to improve the deck thanks and GL in the next season


why is there a sunsteel in a songhai deck? as far as i know the cookie cutter top tier meta songhai decks dont run ANY neutrals except maybe spelljammer


i used to run hamon but sometimes i summon it but it gets either: repulsor beast, demonic lured, sand trapped or heavy provoked and his “passive” usually bleed the shi** out of me if i don’t have a proper hand. and beacuse sunsteel its a 4 drop i can usually combo quicker or presents a major threat because it doesn’t bleed me and he can take 2 hit minimum to get killed or a removal target, plus if im low health i can summon it without worrying the enemy general put me in 2 health to be kill by hamon (kinda sucks)


you might want to look at this list if you like crescent spear

Also from what I can see (on the reva list) mirror meld in 2x seems wasted slots as you basically have just chakri as target, and with crescent spear you might aswell run twin strikes, that’s just awesome to have 3dmg on 2 targets+card draw :smiley:


How well has Juxtaposition preformed in the Reva deck? I would recommend running mist dragon seal instead since Mist dragon can give a Four Winds Magi the crucial 5 health


songhai is my prime faction to play, but anyway your build still need more fix. honestly iam not fan of mirror meld, in other way it can very decent but thats card is conditional. but if you really really want to play that card i suggested for more aggresive based build. but seriously you need more draw engine dude.

or i can show my songhai build that made me reach to s-rank yesterday if u want :slight_smile:


thx that could be very helpfull i don’t have to use mirror meld but that card save sometime my ass xD, which card would u change for mirror meld?


its useful sometimes against aymaras kron its a good escape and switch minion that i want to kill with my general


here dude check my tread [Reva] S-rank spellhai control deck - let's burn the board :D