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Need help with Vanar


Since i already have lots of deck of magmar(Including wanderer but i only use it rarely because it’s not a fun deck) I decided to do myself a favor and invest my spirits to Vanar so im asking what legendary should i craft first that could help me in the right and in the long run?


Gravity Well is easily the most important and widely played Vanar legendary card, so I would start with that.


Yes, Gravity Well. Strong opener followed by either Cryonic Potential or Blazing Spines.

Another legendary to look at is Neutral Lady Locke, a very good finisher with Blazing Spines or Luminous Charges.

Apart from these, a lot of Vanar Legendaries come in pairs (I’m thinking Wall decks), so there’s like a… drum roll… wall of investment. To overcome. A wall. got it?

Ghost Seraphim and Aspect of the Mountain are Vanar’s closest things to “standalone Legendary win conditions”, I would recommend to craft them at some point.

The other cheaper enablers for the Vanar faction are:

  • Faie’s best friends Cryptographer and Bloodbound Mentor,
  • Vespyrs (Glacial Elemental, Bonechill Barrier, Wintertide, Animus Plate…)
  • Malicious Wisp & Lightbender

I recommend to take a look at this disenchant/craft guide on which some prominent players worked: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RrGz2Cs0pfs5GkDLTSyL6WsZ1fgdcyaP_JyzRi8j4vY/edit#gid=0
You should find more in detail which Vanar cards are good, playable and in which archetypes they shine :slight_smile: .

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Thanks for the answers btw i already got wisps and a machine gun faie deck, imma start crafting from gravity wall

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Gravity Well is a priority.
Aspect of the Mountains is the next best Vanar card.
Ice Age + Winter’s Wake for Ice Age.
Ghost Seraphim + Flawless Reflection for Reflection.
Cloud Caller is another important generic card.
Jax Truesight if you want to play midrange.
Grandmaster Embla is a godlike generic endgame card for Vanar although it doesn’t really work for mid.

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This is wrong, Vespyr is an extremely cheap deck but also extremely hard to play.

Easier intros to Vanar is Burn, Arcanyst or Control. As Ice Age is extremely expensive and Mid is extremely difficult to play.


Can attest. Climbing with this is not too hard on the brain.


I’m personally partial to this Burn list. I had taken this to some tournies as well as pauper variants of the exact same list.



Fast and laser-focused, as I expected from you! Wing of Paradise is pretty good, I should try a few games running it instead of Yun. It’s a good Wailing Overdrive target if it lives.
Thanks for sharing.


No problem. I would recommend you replacing the Icy as battle pets are horrible, especially in aggro. I would also recommend Alcuin as every spell you play is well worth playing again.


Solid suggestion.
I’m not running Gravity Well though, and pinning the enemy general with Icy’s freezing Opening Gambit is the purpose. It hasn’t been disappointing so far, but I will keep that Alcuin in mind.


Do you not have Well? While it is admittedly worse at stopping the general out right, it however completely distracts them and other units, leaving cards like Wings an opportunity to breathe. It is also a fantastic oppening.


I have Gravity Well. In that particular instance I’m running burn Faie a bit off the beaten path, that is all.
My artistic license. :wink:


It’s been awhile since I had to this no about crafting in vanar but you have to think about the deck you want to run, vanar had a good distinction between decks playstyle wise.

I would say - go into duelspot and spot the deck you want to start with then start with crafting.
However - vanar decks are usually hard to pilot and will require more then most decks require for you to actually win alot.

The cards I would start with -
Gravity well - the basic of basics, good stall, gets your turn 1 minions into infitrate range. (Mostly chaser, and wisp) great setup for everything + 9 Mana instant reflection.
Cloud caller - a better lavaslasher, great synergy with mentor 4/5 second best stats in vanar.
Wake - kills everything.
Embla - good setting for wake and reflection, a solid finisher with Kara’s bbs, basically a well balanced aggressive and defensive card that sets up for all kind of finishers.
Ice age - kills everything.
Aspect of the mountain - one of vanar’s best cards and for a good reason.
Seraphim - same as aspect.

I would also craft reliq, Jax, locke.
However - using Locke you either cover up by an already existed wall strategy (meaning you need the whole cards above) or creating a really hard to pilot deck that uses some of the cards above.


I had a surprisingly good experience with Icy in my Calculator deck. It’s basically a 2 mana “stun the enemy general”, the body is mostly irrelevant. I stole a few wins with it especially against NoSE Sajj and Artifact Reva. Works best when you have a big beatdown minion that the opponent wants to run away from, might work neatly in Dispel lists for example with cards like Marauder and Moose. Imo Gravity Well serves a different function and is more generally good, so the cards are not that much directly comparable.

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