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Need help with rush meme gone stale

Link here: i.imgur.com/EtwWx31.png

Hello guys, cloudfrog here. I used to consistently climb diamond with this deck(with minor tweaking here and there), but it’s been stuck gold for a while now. It has trouble keeping up with the newer decks and I need help with improving it.

(Quick Description: It’s a Shatter + Chakram Deck with a Flying and Rush Shell. I mixed it with some minor teching, soft removal, and draw)


No Saberspine Alpha? Pffff.

Lemme ponder for a moment in some concoctions but, fast question here: does it need to be an abyssian rushdown?

Pretty strange choice of spells. And no Rot9m! Care to explain?

It’s hard to make suggestions when I don’t feel your deck. As of now, it just seems like a bunch of random cards thrown together. Provoke, rush, fliers, swarm…

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From what i see, the idea is to drop a bunch of rushers, kill them, then bring them back with Nether Summoning and crash them in again, bonus points if you can do so and buff them up with Shakram/Soulshatter.

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Reaper is indeed too good with Skywing and Chakram to not to run. I also wonder if you have enough mechs to get the Metaltooth rush effects consistently. Letigress would probably be better for these purposes.

Taking from your concept, here, have a meme. It might be a bit expensive but it has enough madness to justify some major shenanigans - given Skywing i say Dust Wailer gets to be a better Dancing Blade as you can get it for cheaper, from safer positions AND hit face, and you’re janking yourself enough to justify allowing the enemy to run over your face, think themselves gods, only for you to Unleash the Meme 'em.


Quick rough draft:



Made sure to get staple spells in, kept the core idea of flying/rush/frenzy/reflection. Without any sacrifice effects and only chakram providing minor synergy did not seem like a good enough reason to go for Lilith over cass.

Because Metaltooth really does not count as an opening play I added Herald so you have enough openers and a touch of healing. Now the curve may be a touch low, but at a glance between replicant and Deso it should be ok. If you find your self top decking to often then you could potentialy make room for one or two spelljammer/rite by cutting one of herald/rev.

As much as I love nether it is just not practical since tooth/tiger die on attack meaning you cant use them with rite short of getting a lucky attack on a one health thing or by having 7/9 mana at which point you likely have something better to play then nether.


Can confirm, Dust Wailer works wonders. I’ve tested it extensively in FlyChakram.


what, you mean the one that doesn’t even have spines? More like Saberspine INCEL. you gotta be kidding me. besides, it costs 7 mana, it’s too slow and it’s a brick in my hand that i can’t play (I don’t want that since pact and reflection are already 5 cards worth of brick b4 lethal)

it’s the secondary meme. if you want to change it to something else(say, replace), that’d be fine.

the spells are just lethal enablers. I often only ever need to use 2 spells/chakrams to burst a lethal. Nether is nether, it’s good for tempo especially when
a) I want to trade and maintain board advantage.
b) I want to build.
Why no Rot9m
I reserve my 5 mana for burst (DB, chakram, or straight up lethal with spellbuffs). if that’s not the case, nether summon(or straight up summoning) minions are good at rebuilding board and body blocking my general. Rot9 is also pretty terrible vs provoke(during strategos meta), and worse vs non-death removal(transform, bounce).

would be fun to do that, but no, that’s never happened. just reviving two skywings= 2 makantors later on is good enough. it’s also good for trades and rebuilding board advantage without giving up too much hand advantage.

Reaper is more consistent at being “too good” with lurking/carrion. It’s even crazier with both lurking AND skywing (but i dont have space for that! so i’ll have to build a deck that runs that). However, skywing dies too fast for reaper to benefit from. I prefer using skywing as a body of its own, or double-birding at 5mana.

this variant looks nice. I’m a bit worried about the early game and its ability to survive until 8 mana. But I’ll have to experience it first hand.
@deathsadvocate this looks interesting. I’ll try this out, and then I’ll try mixing it up with @alplod 's nether combo. They seem similar enough to mix and match is all(either that or i know jack when it comes to piloting cassyva).

can confirm too. however, this rush variant is fast enough to end games before i can summon wailer. That’s why i use metaltooth(and then follow up with a spell for lethal).


Zoom in the sprite, the spines are deep in the mane.

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And now drop in 1 unbirth for memes


Look no further for a Lurk Skywing deck, I’ve built that (twice): Miguel’s Abyss deck and discussion space The latest version is already outdated, but probably still quite good with a little tweaking (mainly adding Carrion Collector). I disagree still about Reaper since it curves perfectly with Skywing and is a beast with Chakram, but If it bothers your combos too much then I guess it’s fine this way.


sorry it does bother me too much xD 5 mana chakram is just too strong. meme of paradise and flamewing are both beasts with chakram that curves great relying on skywing too hard, but cuves crazy when it’s there.

that said, i think i made a breakthrough with flying-wish that capitalizes on rot-9’s strengths. I’ll post it at the end of the season(or reach diamond. unlikely, but i’ll try)


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