Need help with my Zir'an heal deck


Hey, folks!

Psionic Fisherman here. I’m relatively new to Helionar and I think I might require some help with my current deck. I am definitely digging Zir’an! I’ve been experiencing difficulties beating some of the more mid-ranged decks out there though, and namely some Magmar and Faie decks. Can’t seem to get out of that Silver ditch either. Must be me and my bad positioning or maybe my decks are just awful.

Link to the current deck that I’m using:

I do not have Sunforge Lancer, Holy Immolation nor Circle of Life. Currently running low on spirit and I can’t keep up. My Gauntlet performances have been abysmal and I’m in a pinch.

I’ve read some nice Healionar guides and the current deck kind of follows most of them (or at least the cards that I managed to get my hands on).

Does anyone have any recommendations on what to swap or some other cards that are interchangeable? I feel like those Sojourners might have to go…

Thanks in advance, fellows!


Some cards you might want to add:
I’ll keep this to commons and rares, but sunforges are very important and I would reccomend crafting 2 or 3 asap. same w/ HI.
Sundrop elixir: Has face healing, which your BBS can’t do, which is good. Also a cheap heal proc.
Azure Herald: Again, more face healing, and having 2 2-drop that heal is great, as just mystic isn’t enough. (worth considering fizz, but I find Herald better and all three too clunky.)
Martyrdom: Alright removal, healing the enemy is annoying. using this is more dependent on what you are going up against though.

Some cards you might want to remove:
Azurite Lion: Without roar, it’s just not a big threat. Plus, two drops aren’t that necessary.
Sunsteel Defender: Especially as a one-of, this card just isn’t great in this deck. As a four-drop, I prefer Primus Shieldmaster, as provoke is a common theme in these decks, and it has a lot more health to get healed.
Keeper of the Vale: Too inconsistent. If it summons an Ironcliffe, it’s great, but you have too many two drops that are bad to summon.


Take a look at this post if you haven’t already.


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