Need help with my deck


I have been using this deck for a while now and I have started to lose alot more games that usual with them and i need some advice on what to do:

It also includes inquisitor kron, circle of desiccation and grove lion but i couldnt find them on the website


First off: 1-ofs are usually bad, you want at least 2 or 3 copies of a card to achieve consistency.
Your deck as it is right now doesn’t make any sense at all.
Dragnlark, planar scout, bastion, hank hart, tethermancer, justicar and whistling blade are bad in general.
I’d recommend looking at grncherz budget lists.


thanks man, ill probably do that deck but change a few things to add some good cards that i already have and take out some cards that i dont think need to be there


Try using for deck building. The deck builder is english despite it being a Russian website. The sidebar for reddit also has an updated budget list. You can check those sources.


Btw, remove your vetruvian tag, it’s a lyonar deck haha, kinda misleading


??? no its definitely vetruvian


Oh, sorry. I commented on this some time back. I dont know why but I think it was lyonar before or maybe it just directed me to another link or smehtg, my bad.