Need help with my 3xDOOM deck


welcome to the club

run 3 abju, 3 forger, 3 void pulse, 3 mystic, 3 herald, 3 rejuvinator, 3 doom, fill the rest with removal and personal techs

i personally love 3 woodwen and 3 sinister silhoutte, provoke + cannot be attacked works more often than you’d think


You should be more interested in summoning Lady when you have Priestess alive. All deathwatched wraithlings become 2/2 with provoke. Or you may just play her with Lil BBS. Very funny, I use her in a couple of decks.


yeah this combo is op af i saw it on youtube and i need to try it


what do you think about this? Heal 72 or more if sun seer/purgatos work. Also wood-wen+silhouette for best taunt in the game :stuck_out_tongue:


You are going to join the Healyonar is OP thread when you face one, with that much heals in your deck :laughing:.


Out of your dozens of improbable decks of the past two weeks, I would really try this one if I had any Dooms. Desolator is missing from your healing maelstrom.


No hard removal.

Low curve and no hand refill.


Soo… out of these we could take out:
Healing Mystic
Fizzling Mystic
Void pulse
Add in:
Inking surge/Vellum
There is also a lockdown combo with Bloodmoon priestess, but I wont tell you how to execute it


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