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Need help with my 3xDOOM deck



But dank memesis is fun to meme with


Save Heaven Eclipses. Who knows what would you play tomorrow? Nobody needs 3of, though, you may DE one.

Nemesis is just for fun though.


ok i got 3465 dust what should i craft for my abyssian faction? Also is riftwalker(airdrop intensify deal 1 dmg) good with mirrorim(shuffle 3 copies of a minion)? Seems like an op late game combo when you drop 12 rift walkers. BTW can i cast mirrorim on mirrorim?


OKAY. I don’t agree. Dark Nemesis deals 4 WTF damage per turn ignoring board. They’re just fine in any control-ish deck that deals such damage with regularity. Purgatos in a Faie deck with Dark Nemesis ending is going to annoy a lot of people. (and kills faster than Doom)
AND if you Aspect of the Wyrm a dude beside him, Dark Nemesis is going to drop his fat directly on the General.

He’s not S-Rank autowin button, but come on. Not a bad Core Legendary at all.


Why do you cry little one, our Lord and Saviour Grandmaster Zendo has blessed you with his gifts? Oh, if only the faithful could have even a fraction of the bounty…


Riftwalker too slow and inconsistent

@bepoest Dank memesis is way too slow, no immediate impact. Normal stats (by golden rule) effect that is NOT immediately game winning that only occurs the turn after you play it.

(War exorcist has a equal to situationally stroger effect that occurs the same way at 5 mana)

Dank memesis can also be removed by basically anything, way too easy to be screwed over by blowing your turn 7 load of mana on one card with no immediate impact with a high chance to be deleted by a much less expensive card, basically giving your opponent a free turn.

So no, dark nemesis is nowhere near a viable card and certaintly in the pile of “DE ME DADDY”


The problem was that it was a straight up game-breaking bug. It kept giving the minion flying and rush after revive, so it was an otk if you got something with 2 or less hp.



Now thats the memes he deserves


Mirror I am not a fan of outside of some very niche combo decks like dance of dreams.

Rift walker however I love, he does not fit into a lot but he is a very sollid card and I absolutly love him with consuming rebirth.

@alplod thanks for the shout out.

As for doom, it’s alright. Cass Version has not had a ton of testing, and it’s success was marginal, draw power is notably missing mostly relying on deso spam but could probably use some. Could it get to diamond? Probably but it may be a bit of a struggle.


Do you have Lilithe version?


Nothing recent, but she could fit inkling and maybe vellumscry as draw power is definitely what is lacking from the cass variant.


are you sure consuming rebirth activates riftwalker’s intensify? I think it activates only when summoned from hand. Also I crafted 3 desolators and 3 sarlacs, are you proud of me? :3


I am 100% sure. Intensify, like bond, works with ANY summon.


In hearthstone battlecry activates only when played from hand which was one of the reasons why i quit that game and play duelyst instead lol


Battlecry=opening gambit which does only work from hand. Intensify and bond are special.


I have 1 copy of lady locke and it says that other minions i summon this turn gain +1/+1 and provoke, how does it interact with death wish return on board or consuming rebirth or blood echoes? Also i got today unseven and if dies it can summon death wish minion with opening gambit like desolator so his steal 2 hp doesnt work then?


Lady works fine with all summons during the turn including EOT stuff like consuming. Opening gambit is like battle cry and only works with things summoned properly from your action bar, unseven will not proc gambits.


so if i summon lady locke and then kill my sarlac it will resummon with +1/+1 and taunt?


Yes it will.