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Need help with my 3xDOOM deck


So i crafted 3 doom cards and i want to make a doom deck. I just love how i can totally ignore hitting enemy for damage so i can save my general and my minion hp. I imagine running lots of removal, heals and silences to counter my opponent while i wait to draw doom and win the game. I wonder is it worth running some minions that can reduce cost of doom or give me mana so i can play it faster or should i just save space in deck for heal/silences/removal? What do you guys think? How would your perfect doom deck look like? Also is it possible to go diamond with doom deck?


@galaxydueler right up your alley


I know just the guy. @galaxydueler


Sees title. Thinks of @galaxydueler :laughing:


I feel like Doom was so 2017 galaxydueler. I’m looking for something fresh, hip, cool, something 2018. Maybe Unleash the Evil?


Xor’Xull with Unleash the Evil is the way to go.


Its fixed, no infinite flying/rush


I hate the word.


CPG, fix this, fix it now. If we’re gonna make Abyssian the meme faction, we should at least have more than one lategame meme deck than just Doom.


We also have stygian observer :sweat:


You may find this helpful :slight_smile:


Thank you @alplod for that link, I like @deathsadvocate doom deck, I almost have all the required cards to make it myself. But can this deck go to diamond?


Have no idea. But usually everything @deathsadvocate makes is as powerful as it can be.

If it can’t, then probably it’s a problem of the archetype, not the deck.


And one of my favorites, Arcane Devourer Reliquarian :slight_smile:


Would an Arcanyst Doom deck with Abjudicator and Manaforger work?


Who knows…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


yeah it works i once cast doom on turn 6 but i still lost lol. Should I disenchant lady locke and obule? I need dust :frowning:


Locke is pretty good, IMO (Especially in Abyss). Obule is too niche, you may disenchant him if you don’t have plans to play replace.


I never disenchant anything, because the second I would do that someone would publish a brilliant fringe deck I won’t be able to try.
Case in point: I got another Sphynx from an orb. @miguelosz publishes a crazy attractive Sphynx control deck 4 days later. I lack the other Legendaries to play this baby, but soon it’ll be mine


I just bought special for 2000 diamonds hoping for 3 abyssian faction legendaries and i got 3 HEAVEN’S ECLIPSES TO A FACTION I DON’T PLAY NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :(. I also got 3 neutral Dark Nemesis is it good?