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Need Help with Flying Abyssian OTK deck: The Makantornado


Sorry it is called “Formular” in geman. Didn’t know about the shorter english spelling.


This is the best accidental post ever.


(the light of understanding floods into @unreason’s eyes)

I…I understand now. I understand everything.

(he floats up off the ground, a glow beginning to surround him)

But seriously, thanks for the explanation, that was gonna bug me otherwise, I hate not getting stuff.


Desu-chan is one of the things that are really hard to replace since it is ping, heal and recursive. You might get away with another shadowdancer/ Void pulse/ Azure herald/ Soujourner/ Spelljammer. But they aren’t as versatile. Sorry buddy, but I also just got the Sarlacs together. This is my 5th season in duelyst but I can gain around 3000 spirit a week since I got rolling in gauntlet.


Yeah, Desoreiteru-sama isn’t easily replaced. He’s especially mean when sacrificed immediately after being summoned so the other guy can’t feed him a blood of air or something.

Also, I can make that much spirit a week too, I just mail Counterplay my wallet.

…They keep sending my driver’s license back with a moustache drawn on it.


I wanted to also post a game against Vetruvian that drew out very long. Finally the Third Grapnel killed me… after the second Monolithic Vision. Welcome to the battle of the memes!


I would even have won if i had Played The second Foror Chakram right… I accidentally lost two points of durability on them without a good reason. This would have given me 5/1 Sarlacs :heart_eyes:


So far this deck is 3-0 against magmar.


You can’t run from the frenzied Sarlacs! They will find you! They will hunt you in your dreams, in your deepest nightmares. They will be there angry, eternal.

Opponent was a really nice guy. I respect that. #notallMagmarplayersarebadpeople

Worst Matchup/ biggest weakness has been Decihorn and Songai Faceburn (especially Reva). Not really a surprise with this curve.


Two days in a row I got a 75% winrate with this deck.


While it has long since diverged from a dedicated flying list, my Median Mode deck follows a very similar principal to what your doing here, and it has served me very well on the way to taking a spot in the top ten S rank:


Number of match ?

Not being picky, but 75% can also be 4 matches and 3 wins :confused:

  • seraphim just got nerfed
  • never had a flawless ref deck in the first place (only 1 flawless owned, and 0 gravity wells)
  • i have several key cards that I don’t own yet

I am so tempted to craft the 3 sarlacs right now.


Just do it! ©


it was 16 at that time.


from which decks were the 4 losses incurred?


Bloodbound Reva, Dying Wish Cass, Zirix and Finality Vaath


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