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Need Help with Flying Abyssian OTK deck: The Makantornado


Click the options thing.The gear thingy. You’ll find it there

Man… I just realized black locust would be really good here. Why must memes be so expensive.


Quit the meming. Use Thunderhorn. We need a Frontline.


it would really really not


Good lord. I think we can cut Flamewing for either Thunderhorns or Replicants, as it’s always been replaced. I don’t like the card.


Thunderhorn is just too juicy to pass up. With lure it has always been good in abyss but Chakram makes it just nasty. I would even try Cassia just to be able to use Nether Meld more reliable. How is Wings performing for you? I am still not sure…and I have to craft it :sweat:.


Rot9 to the rescue!


How to deal with the lesser booman.


against some midrange Cass


after some changes towards a midrange game this deck is performing really well (for gold) I try to tech against Magmar. The thought of using Cacophynos is burning under my nails. The high curve is well equipped against magmar though (although I wish Priestress would have less problems with the big AOE package of the saurian overlords.


yeaaah flamewing’s pretty underwhelming without skywing. Wings of Prada is cheaper and better. I did include replicant and thunderhorn! Tweaks incoming :smiley: I’ll upload the new list as soon as i make one and have it properly tested.


gasp :open_mouth: get out

actually this one makes sense.


When a meme turns out to be a good idea it sometimes stops meming. No offense meant when I attempt to develop it in a competetive direction. Sometimes smaller cards like Flamewing have to go. To put it in better words: “Quit the meming” should have been "Quit putting weak/less suitable cards into the wonderful meme.

or in more compelling words:

Put the meme steam out of the meme cream to make the meme gleam like in a meme dream
So halt in your meme scheme and stick with the meme theme.
to develop your seemingly mean cream into a seamless dream team.


meme machine
meme machine
i’m a motherfuckin meme machine


i finally have a use for my prismatic Ro9M!




News from the front. I was able to hunt down some Magmars ( as if anything else counts)



The current version includes Sarlacs. I love how they profit from Furor Chakram and how they make it possible to hide away Flyers from limited Aoe like makantor or holy immo. I have to look into the usefulness of the Priestresses after the inclusion of Sarlac. Sarlac is just so much more resilient while generating about the same amount of value. Still having more deathwatch options strenghtens the Sarlac. The card space could flow into Lure, Thunderhorn or Sunsteel.


This was so stupid it gave me a minor brain bleed. Please write more.


Good job. From experience, 9memes is really good vs magmar. it’s a 50% chance so far that I get a Makantor or a Juggernaut.


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Breaking Kappa Code? Signal Sarcasm? Formular? I’m so lost, please clarify.

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Edit: And what is a formular?