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Need Help with Flying Abyssian OTK deck: The Makantornado


I call it “The Makantornado”

  • the new artifact makes your larkbois into surprise makantors.
  • everything you put on the board before turn 5 is a surprise makantor.
  • saberspine is also surprise makantor.
  • everything can become a makantor.

This is basically a spin to the vetruvian “Give the Frenzy minion Flying”

One of my favourite plays to do is the turn 2 Aerial Frenzy.

Play 1: Get Furor As fast as possible for the surprise frenzy.
Play 2: Summon as many Flying as possible. Pray for soulshatter Pact or Chakram.

Version 2: Isgopet upgrade+personal touch

Version 3: The Bell Acorn Upgrade
Less OTK power for more consistency power.
Swarm upgrade. Personally I’m a huge fan of the unremovable frenzied sarlac.

props to @beelakor for this one
Help me develop this deck.

Duelyst Patch 1.93

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WHY on God’s GREEN EARTH is REAPER OF THE NINE MOONS NOT IN THIS DECK and also equally interesting is the fact that Azure Horn Shaman is TERRIBLE here since he has to be frontline but ALL OF YOUR MINIONS are backline

Additionally what the hell is Blood Echoes here that’s the biggest waste of 3 mana I’ve ever seen you have no Sarlac it has antisynergy with Horn Shaman and you don’t have Dying Wish stuff.

ALSO I feel like this should have Wingdings!

Oh and your curve is WAY too low. Less DFS more draw


9moons got it.

I was thinking blood echoes is a good idea for cheap teleport-away and health replenish lmao. Maybe I should just stick to void steal then?

Horn Shaman… idk why I put him there. I keep getting the raise eyebrow emote whenever I get a 1/8 minion lmao. (edit: wait I remember. I was supposed to add deepfire devourer and didn’t go through with it)

Wingdings? what’s DFS? what are my draw options? mogwai? vellumscry?


Wingdings: no idea
DFS: Dark Fire Sacrifice
Draw options spelljammer and sojourner


Isn’t it a font that looks like a bunch of jibberish? Regardless of which one of the three Wingdings font you chose.


You guys aren’t real doolist players.

Wings of Paradise


ur a fuckin genius


Decklist for the interested.

Soj draws off of every unit hit by frenzy, so she’s a cute little hand refill engine.


This is perfect thank you. Time to dust some legendaries.


I wouldn’t. This deck just gets FUCKED by a certain 5 mana aoe. I just happened to have all the cards.


It’s okay, I just need to give up 3 legs I don’t use for 9 moons :smiley: 9 moons is meme staple anyways.


This is true.


For some reason i was expecting unbirthth

This is fine too

Probably gonna force a streamer to play thus deck sometime soon


same concept really. build swarm->cash in with rush/flying

I modified isgopet’s version. This one gives me a stronger early-early game and some safety nets. Still needs improvement though.


So much surrendering… @isgopet What have we done.
also, you guys think it’s a good idea to put in a saberspine? it’s a bit costly but I think it’d be worth it.
edit: yes. it was so worth it. So much power. Haven’t tried but I can practically airdrop-taxi the saberspine. Makantor… but with airdrop… this is insane…


Haha, this is great :slight_smile: I made a flying/Lurking Fear deck long ago as part of my Dark Memes series-desu, might update that with Furor :stuck_out_tongue:


Also that desu came from autocorrect… seriously I’ve been feeding my phone too many memes


yu shud. chakram gud.


Reaper gud
unrelated to … the rest of the deck… or the game situation… just gud


for those who can’t watch it: 9gates gave me a …gate :heart_eyes: