Need Help with Effulgent range and frenzy memes


ey it’s me frog again with the another dumb idea.
I’ve literally seen 0 plays for effulgent decks. Why is that?

(oh lol this dumb shit costs 10k spirit no wonder no one tried.)

The plan is pretty straight forward: spam BBS like the usual otk deck. but this time, you have effulgent,gaujj, and ranged minions. The purpose of this trifecta is to clear out minions that are in the way of vaath, or serve as an alternate wincon. They can’t kite you if you have ranged :point_right:t6::brain:

I need help though. I’m 99% sure this deck is missing some important things. But I’m pretty clueless when it comes to magmar’s card base aside from its golem suite.


add iridium scale


I’ve tried rush effulgent, but I’ve never tried a mix of range and frenzy. Have you tried focusing on one aspect of the deck rather than both at the same time? (Also, replace gaujj. Even though he doesn’t take damage from minions, 2 health is still too vulnerable to counter spells. Better to go with Grandmaster Kraigon or something.)


hmmm Idk, I’ve always been skeptical about solely using ranged unless I’m playing songhai (so i can kite easier). I do see what you mean though. this is all too much to cram in one deck.

You’re pretty much right about gaujj lol. Maybe I will try kraigon. Though hopefully, i’d get to pull him from an orb before it’s too late. that said, are there cheaper alternatives to kraigon?


why not throw in lavaslashers instead. youve only got your face, plasma storm, and makantor for removal. not to mention its a decent target for infusion since nobodies in a real hurry to remove it.


oh yeah… how could i forget lavaslasher. I’ll try going with dancing blades for now though. I kind of dusted the guys when they got nerfed. that, and DB technically has a better body than lavaslasher now.


I still prefer Lavaslasher over DB as you aren’t limited to the space in front of it


Lavaslashers have a much more useful opening gambit. They can hit more targets, and harder. Yeah, sometimes they get themselves wrecked pretty bad doing so, but there are too many situations where a lavaslasher does what a dancing blades can’t, and not enough situations where dancing blades is superior.


yeah, i was pretty pissed that one time the general was blocking his minion with his general and I bet he didn’t even know I had DB. I thought it was a good tradeoff to have bad positioning for a few more points of health, but it’s really not :confused:


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