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Need help with dying wish shadow creep deck


Ok so i finally crafted 3 klaxons and 3 vorpal reavers just by beating up bosses (i can’t find motivation to do daily quests since the game stopped developing so i decided to only grab boss chests). These are the cards i want to have in my deck;

3 carrion collectors and 3 lurking fears to reduce cost of klaxons and vorpal reavers to 0.
3 nocturne to make klax and vorpal summon bouth 6 wraithlings and shadow creep.
3 munch for op heal and removal.
3 nekomantas to draw klax and vorpal after i discount them.
3 abyssal tormentors to kill anything on shadow creep and 3 shadow nova to put shadow creep under enemy general.
3 ghost azalea for op general dmg.
1 variax with lilithe or cassyva would be op in this deck, but i havent decided which general to pick yet.
1 obliterate for op AoE/Finisher.

Now i have 9 card slots in deck and i consider adding these cards;
darkspine elemental - for even more op shadow creep dmg with abyssal tormentor
wraithling swarm - to generate additional 3 shadow creep with nocturne.
abyssal crawler - to generate early shadow creep
consuming rebirth - to trigger carrion collector, nekomanta klax or vorpal
yielding depts - for cheap draw
abyssal juggernaut - to add more finishers
xor’xuul - to make klax and vorpal trigger infinitely
dark transformation/ritual banishing/punish - for removal
more dying wish minions - to profit from max discount
Alcuin fugitive - to cast more spells

So what do you ppl think? Which cards should I add/replace in my deck and what general would be best?


I’ll give you my 2 cents.
-Nocturne is not that good of a card and for this reason i’ll remove it and vorpal reaver (it doesnt have sinergy with creeps without nocturne)
-Cassyva is the go to general for creeps
-Remove Variax ,its too slow, and put at least another obliterate as a finisher.
-Desolator, crawler, punish and ooz are must haves in a deck like this.
I suggest you to look at this deathsadvocate deck

This is something yuo should get close to


I made something like this;

What do you think?
3 carrions and 3 lurking for 12 minions discount -6
Alcuin fugitive to spam munch or shadow nova
xor’xuul + hero power to make my nocturne/alcuin fugitive/abyssal tormentor stick to the board
nekomanta to draw my klaxons and vorpal reavers
also I like the fact that upgraded bbs with variax still counts towards xor’xuul progression and removes health cost


does it reliably finish the trial?


Well I need to test it but I imagine that if you draw some carrion collectors, darkspine elementals, nocturnes or nekomantas which are 12 in the deck you can keep sacrificing them early game because you only need 1 of each to stick to the board late game after xor’xuul is dropped there is no need for more than 1 of each. Or if you get lucky draw of some dying wish discounts you can drop cheap klaxon or vorpal, make an attack with them and sacrifice OR you could sacrifice one of wraithlings if you manage to get these. After that you can heal back spamming munch with alcuin fugitive.


i am by far not the best player. at all. period. but this is what i play when i do play death trial on my main account. it pretty consistently gets out xor by six or seven mana, and it can counter play a lot of situations. im only a silver player tho, and it may not even be adequate in gold, but it does work in silver.


If you’re going to run trial I’d suggest running some drains for the heal and/or banishing for removal. Deck looks like it has more than more than enough late game tbh, like grandmaster and obliterate and trial all with the suite of 6 drops. Maybe you don’t need tormentors? Since they aren’t getting discounted


I can answer that: sry but no, it won’t. Maehv’s bbs and Munch alone are definitely not enough to finish the trial before 9-10 mana, especially without Cryptographer. Fugitive helps, but nowhere near enough.


here is one game when i got lucky draw and get discounts early game while I complete xor’xuul trial at 9 mana and i finish him off with 70 damage shadow creep :stuck_out_tongue:

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