Need Help With Budget Deck


yeah so currently i’m a full F2P player stuck in Diamond 3.

i just built a deck that i think is most optimal from the resource i have

i have heavy budget constraints but i also have some important cards like
3 skorn
3 dancing blade
1 chrysalis burst
1 kolossus
3 rex
3 primus
3 blaze hound
and some more.

can anyone help me to make a better deck? also the mana spring link is somehow bugged and i can only add 39 cards.

note: this is my very first season so i bound to not know some important card interaction so, even just an advice would help a lot :smiley:

edit: i can play other faction too, as long as it’s not vet.


This should be a good start for you:


that might help me a lot in the long run but currently the season is ending, and there’s no way i can gather enough spirit to craft that deck which is why i’m asking for help with my current deck list.

i can get to diamond 3 with these bad decks then i was hoping i can get S with this bad deck that has been tweaked by forum pro’s.

you see, if i have the spirit i would have crafted most of the things in your guide. i just can’t.


I understand, you certainly don’t need the entire thing built to do well with, but it should give you a good guide to work towards.

All the “important cards” you listed are very sollid picks, that at the very least make good substitute cards.

Just figured giving you that would be a lot easier then recommending individual cards and have you say wether you can or can not afford them. As well as I don’t know your full collection so I can’t just cobble something together that way either.

If you have no spirit to spare and can’t bring your self to disenchant stuff then if you want you can Pm me your entire neutral/mag collection and I can see what I can do.


My humble opinion base on the deck you posted.

Firstly, if you can afford an epic, get the 3rd Makantor. (or may be you already have one and it just doesn’t show up)

If you can afford some rares, 3 Thumping wave (- 2 Repulsor beasts and the last slot). Both are 3 mana removal but TW is much better especially with Vaath and it can also be a good finisher with all those rush minions you have here.

For the buff cards, may be run just 2 or 3 Diretide frenzy? (Cause it seems to me like you want to use that Wings of paradise+ Frenzy combo XD) but no more than that since you have no card draw and buff spells in Magmar run your hand dry really fast.

Or you can drop the Wings+Frenzy combo altogether and go for solid Greater fortitude and some Sojourners instead. I think this is up to your preference. I myself find Frenzy a bit harder to use (it needs the right opportunity to arise) so it’s quite situational. GF is simpler.

I feel like I’ll need some kind of card draw if I’m to run a lot of buffs in Magmar. Our buff doesn’t give card draw T^T (Razor skin is not a kind of draw you want unless you go flooding the board)
You also have quite a lot of 2 cost cards which makes you run out even quicker if game drags on. So having a way to refill is very nice. (If opponent wipe the board after you commit, you can still come back)

Also, 3 Elucidator may be a bit much but it’s optional. May be 2 Primus and 2 Elu?

Egg morph is slower but more reliable than Natural selection. I would personally run 2 NS and 3 EM.

Lastly, if there is still space left, go Healing mystic (very good on Vaath as you kill minions and heal back it’s almost like a removal !)


I would recommend that you install the collection enhancement script from @t2k5. Then you have the possibility to export your collection to a file and PM it to me (or anyone else who may help you). Here’s the link:


thank you for your answer that’s very comprehensive and the reasons you put in make sense.

@deathsadvocate yes i can PM you my entire collection.


i really don’t understand that, i’ve checked t2k5 before but i swear the appearance of the website itself makes me extremely confused. XD


update: i’m at 2 right now, i played some lyonar.


so if any of you got advice for any faction except vet i would be happy to follow it.


It’s pretty easy. While Duelyst is NOT running do the following:

  1. Make a save copy of the file C:\Users\<YourUsername>\.counterplay\duelyst\v1.75.0\resources\app\src\duelyst.js (Just if you f*** up something so you can go back to the original file.)
  2. Edit the file C:\Users\<YourUsername>\.counterplay\duelyst\v1.75.0\resources\app\src\duelyst.js
  3. At the very end of the file put in the following as the last line (just copy and paste it):
    $.getScript('', function(){var collectionMod = new CollectionEnhancementModule();});
  4. Save the file.


Not a huge of of Magmar but I can help with your Lyonar


please do.

@locoblutaxt that doesn’t look easy, but yeah i think i can do that. or i can Screenshot my full collection.


It’s just “copy line\open file\paste line\save file”. Seems lot easier to me then screenshot the hole collection.
But people are different. If you are unsure then better don’t do it.


i am unsure lol. i think i’ll hold off from modifying anything for now XD


That’s no problem. It needs much more courage to say “I need help” or “I’m unsure” then to shout out loud what a big gun you are!


I think I can’t help much with other factions outside Magmar (not to the point where you can bring them to S-rank ) So I’ll pass. :smiley:

By the way, I believe you can learn a lot of things from Mogwai’s Budget guide on Youtube at his channel “MegaMogwai” (there are also a bunch of replay there).

Good luck.


don’t gooo :frowning: i just crafted 3 flash rein, and 1 egg morph, modified my deck and has won 2 games in a row.

i might need you to help me tweak something again, can you check my deck?


Yep. I can give my opinion for Magmar.


let me manaspring it real quick.