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Need help with an Ilena Stun Deck


The only cards I’d like to keep are Permafrost and Hydrogarm. What changes do you recommend I make to improve this deck?



+3 Iceshatter Gaunlet
-1 endless hunt
-3 emerald
+3 draw engine (spelljammer, l’kian, sojourner) or healings
Currently i don’t know what your game plan or win condition is so take my advice with a grain of salt.
(seems to be stun things, smack face)

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Iceshatter Gauntlet and Disciple of Yggdra are (the only :frowning:) good Ilena cards and should be in all of her decks. Cryoblade, on the other hand, is quite bad. I’m also not a fan of Hydrogram, especially with a general who requires a target to cast her BBS at all, but it’s an acceptable power level if you like how it plays. Finally, Cryptographer + Bloodbound Mentor is a great engine for general whose BBS stacks, but Ilena is not one of them.

With these in mind, I would suggest something like the following:

You can get some neat board clears with Gauntlet+Scythe+Permafrost, and have a theoretical endgame of general/Voracity beats backed up by Grove Lion or Alcuin-looped Shrouds.



Thanks a lot for the reply! :smiley:



pretty nifty thing you have going with the cryogen pulling garm 100% of the time. How’d that work out for you so far?

also, if you want something extra gimmicky, coldbiter procs other artifact effects (aka winterblade). ya gonna be a fucken ice midas



Does Coldbiter kill a stunned enemy minion if you have Iceshatter too?



This was the best I could get with ilena outside of her ramp wall build (the strongest build she has imo. attached below for reference)

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Sadly even @wardl nor myself was able to get a stun deck functioning well or find the secret of the stun finisher.
As for now stun is a good tool but not something to build a deck around, just as @owlbeastmd suggested ramp wall ilena is a good deck however I created other ramp deck that utilize stun a little more so it might give you the ilena feel you seek so bad.


The deck did make it to into s rank and was way fun to play then his older sibling.



nope, gauntlet is on-attack, not on-damage. if you want the boardwipe combo tho, it’s shatter, resonance, winterblade. blade stuns, shatter procs, resonance procs

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The artifact boardwipe combo only works if you have Winterblade + Iceshatter Gauntlet + Resonance Scythe equipped in that order, as artifacts trigger their effect in the order they are equipped. Another note about said combo is that you can actually only destroy 3 minions with it before your artifacts break (unless you also add Concealing Shroud to the combo), since Winterblade stuns after you attack and receive a counterattack.


6 weird gimmicky useless Vanar decks!

ah, my bad. didn’t know they had to be in order, and i forgot the artifact breaks

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