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Need help with an abyssian deck


The idea is doing swarm with Lilithe, early, buff minions and then kill the enemy general. Super aggressive and fast.

My deck list is this:

The reasoning behind certain cards:

Dreamgazer, Zyx, and Gloomchaser
Early swarm.

Inkling Surge
summon wraithlings and card draw.

Celebrant, Golem Metallurgist and Boulder Breacher
Golem metallurgist and Celebrant are pretty good for this deck because metallurgist reduces the cost for celebrant and boulder breacher, AND celebrant makes it a lot easier to play cards on one turn because of the extra mana tile. As for Boulder Breacher, I only have one on the deck because of the lack of golem minions. If I manage to have a metallurgist or celebrant on board, negating counterattacks really comes in handy.

Prophet of the white palm.
It works really well to protect my units from AoE spells such as tempest, bone swarm or ghost lightning, among others.

Shiro puppy dragon
increasing attack. Not much to say here other than also, protecting my swarm against natural selection or plasma storm.

soulshatter pact, deafthfire crescendo and soul of grimwar
these are going to make it possible to end the game after swarming.

Very important having AoE dispell on summon.

Jax Truesight.
Re swarming with 5 units for the cost of 6. there’s not much to say here.

Rite of the Undervault.
refill my hand. Not much to say here aswell.

I don’t have that much of experience with this kind of decks so… I tend to accumulate defeats. I really need more practice and experience. Also, I wanted to make this deck because of this video:

If you have suggestions I would gladly accept them.


I have quite a few swarm examples over here:

Idk what your budget is like but if you have one here is some advice to another newish swarm player I just posted: Need a bit of help with my deck


I will check them! Thank you!


Super agressive and and fast does not need minions past the 4-mana threshold. I’d even stop at 3.

Personally I use the following HyperSwarm Deck:

I do not often play it, since I prefer control to aggro, but it worked rather well in gold during previous season. It’s probably not optimal, but it’s defeinitely super agressive and fast. As you may see, I have most of my cards being 1-2 mana, with priestess to stabilise swarm (which is questionable).

I’d say that:

  1. Shiro, lightbender, breacher and Jax are all control or tempo style cards, while by your deck description you’re aiming on early large swarm cash in.
  2. Golem package in general seems rather out of place here to me, but I’m not sure. Experiments are good, who knows - Celebrant is an early healthy card, maybe it can be decent.
  3. If you’re going to play aggro Lilithe swarm, Born of the Bloodbound expansion is very useful: Furosa and Cryptographer are amazing cards. Also there’s another Abyssian staple in this expansion - punish, which is, while not necessary for swarm, very useful in most Cass archetypes.

About dispel. I believe this kind of decks don’t need dispel at all. If you didn’t kill your opponent by 6-7 mana you’re probably dead anyway. So, this slot is better used for another swarmy card OR a cheaper soft control tool like lure or repulsor to be able to get rid of provokes…temporarily.

I do not argue about rite, however. It has its uses to make a second chance to win possible, but I personally dislike it in this kind of decks.

Hope it helps.


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